Origins of the Liahona

I asked about the Liahona. Where did it originate? The Lord showed me the line of people that possessed the small ball or compass. It was small, about the size of round lemon. It was brown in color and had a caplike top which could serve as a base when being used. There were I believe four crossover pieces of metal that revealed two compasses inside, like they were floating. The pointers would spin and point to letters and directions in an ancient language. The outside had symbols of constellations, planets, and an eye symbol on the top part. The Lord showed me that the spindles floated between two magnets. It was a very simple mechanism, yet very sophisticated. I saw that Rachel, the wife of Jacob, took it from her father, who received it from his line of family until Abraham. Abraham received it from Melchizedek, who received it through the priests until Shem, who received it from Noah, who received it from Methuselah, who received it from Shai-helem, or Saiya-el, who was a great grandson of Seth; an artisan. Its origins are ancient and had been blessed for these purposes.

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11 Responses to Origins of the Liahona

  1. When Rachel died the Liahona was buried with her in her tomb. An angel of the Lord removed it and placed it outside the tent of Lehi during their journey. Today, this sacred compass lies within the Hill Shim with the plates of brass and all the other sacred records.

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  2. Donald Danner says:

    Do you think Shem and Melchizedek were the same person?

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  3. Stephanie Q says:

    Fantastic! I love learning about these things. I, of course, was way off base when trying to make a “Liahona” for a primary lesson years ago (although I got the color right:)


  4. It has always confused me the Rachel took her father Laban’s household gods: “When Laban had gone to shear his sheep, Rachel stole her father’s household gods.” (Genesis 31:19).

    There are several reasons why she might have done this. She might have disapproved of her father’s idol worship. But it could also be that she wanted the Liahona. She may have understood that her father was a wicked man, and therefore, not properly positioned to use this sacred relic.

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  5. pjmoblog says:

    Thank you for sharing this. The origins totally make sense. It is intriguing that the it was decided to hide it in a tomb for so many centuries, and Rachel’s connection with it (neither Leah nor Yaakov, nor any of the sons, but just Rachel). Well, it’s again been hidden for many centuries. I wonder if it will be used again before the Second Coming.
    Is there any particular reason why you were instructed to share this history with us?

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  6. Karla says:

    Did Rachel’s Father use it for anything? Like Lehi did? Travels, or to get somewhere, or was it to him and Rachel something sacred that they kept?


  7. I have no idea how Rachel’s father used it. I would assume it was a family heirloom which purpose was well known.


  8. Donald, you would need to seek a personal revelation for that one.

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  10. suehoffs says:

    i saw it last summer, after i was searching the bible through genesis, for the pix’s or text, of the name!


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