A Focal Point of Light

I had a vision where I was in a theatre witnessing a play. The lights were focused on the main actors with supporting actors doing things nearby. I noticed there were people sitting around me, some texting or paying attention to the others in the audience. Perhaps they were bored, or just had more interesting things to look at. They were not focusing their attention to what was happening on stage.  All the brilliant light and color was over there, but for whatever reason they chose to look in the shadows.  As I continued to try and perceive what the actors were doing I began to understand the meaning of the story. It began to make sense.

The Lord said that when we are focused on the light that we know His will for us. We know where to look, go, and do. Revelation is seeking for the light wherever we are. We know which “focal point” to set our attention because it is where there is the most light, and often the most darkness. (The Adversary will also rest his attention there too, seeking to destroy the light.) It doesn’t always make sense, but if we are patient and hold our attention we begin to understand.

Where are the focal points of light in your life?

You may, for example, have your thoughts directed to a person that needs help. Do you get distracted to do something else when those thoughts come? Perhaps you are directed to read something, to stop what you are doing and go somewhere, or maybe to even read a blog post. Where is the focal point of light for you?

Learning how to discern the revelation given to us is a worthy endeavor that starts with the most simple of things. When we learn to hear the voice of the Lord the focal point moves quickly from one thing to another as we are guided in the direction we need to go. Often that direction is dictated by our desires or the questions we pose to the Lord. If your desire is to know Him and be a servant, believe me, that focal point of light begins to swiftly move you toward a climactic scene – to a performance of a lifetime!

Anyone who desires to have their baptism of fire, to witness angels, behold miracles, or even to have their Second Comforter and walk with God must first learn to focus on what the Lord wants them to do. You must first learn to receive revelation.

If you struggle focusing on the light and receiving true revelation, I would suggest making it a daily part of your petition to the Lord in prayer. Ask to more fully understand revelation. Then follow where that spotlight points you.

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7 Responses to A Focal Point of Light

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  2. Robert Taylor says:

    Thank you, very much, for your insights. I find this article on focusing poignant for me at this time. Try as I might, I seem to have increasing difficulty staying focused as I get older, and it is very frustrating. I want to pray and converse with the Lord, but my mind wanders in the middle of praying and I have to keep pulling myself back.

    Q1: How does the Lord decide which questions to answer? Sometimes a prayer that is really fairly trivial is answered right away, and some prayers with big consequences seem to be ignored, though we know He receives them?

    …fairly trivial need. I misplaced the keys to my tool chest and cannot find them anywhere, and there are only a few places they could possibly be. I have prayed fervently so many times, waited for an answer, and acted when I thought I was prompted, but the keys elude me. Not sure if I am missing something, not doing something I should, or if it is too trivial. But, money is tight so replacing the lock and keys is most inconvenient, as is replacing tools just because I vannot access the tools I own.

    Q2: In the book ‘Visions of Glory’, “Spencer” related how the tribe under the earth, in a massive cavern, had skilled artisans that could work with stone and wood, without tools, through faith. And that he could spiritually feel and connect with inanimate objects. Is this something we can learn before the millennium while we are still mortal? Is it possible to ‘heal’ a cracked or broken piece of wood or stone through faith? In a recent post, you eluded to the fact that all matter is really just energy.

    It seems to me that magicians today are doing feats that appear to be more than impossible sleights of hand. It seems the adversary is lending his power to help people perform magic tricks, manipulating matter for people’s amusement. If so, then it would make sense to me that the Lord’s power will have also increased in the earth, and that similar feats of faith could be possible for useful, constructive, beneficial purposes, and not just for people’s amusement.

    Your thoughts?

    Rob Taylor

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  3. pjmoblog says:

    Thank you, this is a wonderful reminder. This is a true principle. It elaborates on and helps the understanding of Luke 11:34; John 12:36 and D&C 88:67,68 for example.

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  4. Robert, I have lost things before and prayed for help. There are times when I could see the Lord’s help in finding them miraculously, and times where it took a long time. I wonder why? When we don’t get the answer I’ve learned that there is usually a reason. Sometimes the Lord has us wait. I can’t tell you why in your individual case, but I’m always reminded to trust in the Lord.

    Focusing is hard regardless of the age. For some it is simply difficult. It helps me to pray with a purpose and a methodical manner – it keeps me on point. I go from one task to the next. Its not a wandering prayer. I try to absorb everything and take my time.

    Your second question: yes, it is possible, but many of the answers to such questions, for me, didn’t come till after I could ask the Lord for myself and see and know. Until then I had to focus on the basics, like revelation, charity, and the gifts of the Spirit. All questions can be answered.

    The Adversary has been able to do miraculous things, but the power of God is more efficient. There are many miracles done today, but they are not usually public. In the future both the Adversary and the Lord’s anointed will perform miracles that will be seen by many. This will cause much confusion, but the “Elect” will know.

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  5. Karla says:

    What are your thoughts on Dejavú? can it mean a flash back to help us know we are on the right path?

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  6. It can mean many things. Usually our spirit responding to something familiar.

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  7. Katharina Odavic says:

    I thought about this a lot and came to the following conclusion: Before my birth I may have been a guide or protecting spirit for some of my ancestors or other human beings and been with them in places long ago. So when I go there now, I “remember” the place or even events that happened then. This for me explains also that reincarnation is not necessary, we may have seen certain events as a spirit if we had an assignment there or even felt and suffered with the humans because we loved them and helped them bear their burdens. We are told that spirits, born and passed away, are around us. Did you ever think that you were doing the same?

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