The Eternal Marriage Covenant

Today I had an experience with the Lord and received the following:

I then asked the Lord about eternal marriage. When is this covenant secure? The Lord said that people may begin to feel the attachment to a spouse during their second estate, but not until the beginning of their 4th estate do they begin the process under a covenant that may endure.  (Edit)  For many it occurs for these fourth estate beings during the Millennium, but for some before. The Lord Himself performs the ordinance in the Garden created by the couple before they came to earth. It is very special and involves  a sacred symbolic ordinance.

After this they are sealed and continue on together in the Everlasting Covenant moving from one estate to another, both condescending and resurrecting in glory until they become like the Eternal Father and Mother in their own dominion.

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27 Responses to The Eternal Marriage Covenant

  1. jeffreyhenderson says:

    So my wife and I created a garden before coming here?

    Also, does the fact that I’m sealed to my wife, Jane, mean that she and I obviously built this garden together… and in this life, based on the foreknowledge of God, he made sure we ended up finding one another?

    Finally, I’ve been worried about something for some time. Do I need my C&E in this life in order for our seal to be legit? Or can we be on the path toward this and get that sealing after this life? What specifically does it take? I know it must be sealed by Holy Spirit of Promise… but when?

    Thanks! Jeff

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  2. Most eternal marriages take place during the Millennium. Yes, the calling and election must have taken place. If you and your wife keep your covenants to each other and God, you will be a candidate for a sealing. Only fourth estate beings have made a previous covenant before finding each other. The temple sealing is an earthly ordinance that points to the real thing, but most everyone is taught that it is the final sealing.

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  3. Karla says:

    You mentioned before how for Adam God chose one of his wives from a previous life to be Eve. What about the other ones? It’s that because they had made a previous covenant Adam and Eve?
    If we are second estate then we will have to do this a few times more in order to receive a partner. I guess I need to find out what estate I am. What if you marry someone other than your partner? Can you still find him or her?or do usually always find each other? As a 4th estate. So many questions coming to me, sorry for bombarding you.

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  4. Eve was Adam’s predetermined wife. They knew each other as husband and wife before. I can’t really say more about it but that it works out perfectly according to the Everlasting Covenant. (Not polygamy.)

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  5. bab44 says:

    What of those who have violated earthly marriage covenants? Will they have the opportunity to repent, find a companion and rise up to be sealed?


  6. Yes, those who have violated earthly marriage covenants can repent and find a companion at some point. Eternal marriage is a worthy pursuit that doesn’t come quickly. Both men and women who repent and keep their covenants will be Blessed.

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  7. Sarah Hunter says:

    Is it possible to have married a person you didn’t covenant with, but you want to stay with them?


  8. Most people are 2nd estate beings seeking to come unto Christ, to receive the Holy Ghost. The earthly marriages of this life may continue in the next if we are bound to each other in fidelity and also our commitment to the Lord. The actual sealing doesn’t take place until the end of a world for a 4th estate being. The covenants that are made with a partner when we become 4th estate are not binding marriage covenants; but they can become so.

    In the LDS temple there are covenants made and the ceremony points to what may be. We are taught that this sealing is the binding event, but like all temporal ordinances they only point to the spiritual reality that may occur in the future.

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  9. Rebecca Brent says:

    Thank you for this information!
    So once you have both made covenants as a 4th estate, is it possible in future condescensions for either of you to be married to someone else? Or do you continue to be together through different lives/missions?

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  10. If you were both 4th estate this would be the last time, as the end of times is upon us.

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  11. Karla says:

    So is it possible for 4th estate to be married to someone else? If yes, Why is that? And how do they end up with their true partner before the end?

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  12. They do not always end up with their true partner toward the end. A 4th Estate being lives a life of sacrifice and ministry. Their partners follow them in mortality, but not always as a spouse. Most 4th estate don’t seal the marriage until the Millennium. Some do beforehand. Not until just before the 5th estate do those marriage become sealed for eternity.

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  13. Karla says:

    Thank you for explaining so much. We tried to put marriage in this box, because we’ve been taught our entire lives that that’s what it is, but it seems ( to me) that marriage is a form of service (4th estate) to come and save the families they are assigned to, but to those of second estate a way to also find their partner or start to build that eternal relationship, start to enter those covenants. I’ve been praying a lot about this subject, and what you shared with us has been part the answers I needed.

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  14. Myrsmakeup says:

    Cannot express my gratitude enough for sharing your knowledge. I feel as if I actually have had 20 years of seeking answers all wrapped in to a couple months here on your blog. The challenge you issued to seek truth and revelation independently of your posts have been nothing Short of miraculous. Who would have thought I would be on this journey….and HEBREW revelation is INCREDIBLE! So thanks. M

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  15. Ekaterina Turman says:

    What about children being born in the covenant or sealed to their parents? Is that also an earthly ordinance pointing to the real thing? But with so many different cycles of creation and estates, chances are we won’t be born under the same circumstances and get to raise the same kids over and over again. So are our children really ours or are we just temporary stewards over them and they will be born into a different family in the next cycle? Does that mean then that the church’s teaching of “families can be together forever” is actually a false doctrine? That only marriages have a potential to last through the eternities?

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  16. The family units that exist today were created long before the foundation of this world as part of the Everlasting Covenant. Parents and siblings and their relationship as such are temporary. The true sealing we seek is the one to Christ. Eventually as a marriage covenant, couples will move forward. Any children will remain close if they also continue the path, but the “families are forever” mantra is only true in the sense that our loving relationships are eternal. The relationships in the eternities are more like brothers and sisters in Christ.

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  17. Christin Harper says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while now. I love everything you post and I definitely pray about it all.
    I especially loved this post on eternal marriage… I am going through a experience where I have felt I met my eternal companion. Its been a journey ever since we met. When I have prayed about it for more answers, I have felt learn about the relationship between our HF and HM…. so I love the info you have shared in your books in particular.
    This post tied things up for me. I have felt several of your thoughts on my own the past several years. Your post was a witness to me that I am on the right path…. everything resonated even right down to a garden we created.
    Thank you.

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  18. Karla says:

    “The relationships in the eternities are more like brothers and sisters in Christ” is this the case as well for husband and wife after receiving the sealing? For 4th estate moving to 5th estate. Or is this only referring to our children?

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  19. This is referring to the relationship with our children. The marriage relationship is more, as a perfect union of love and devotion to God and each other. There is no sense of loss regarding the children, because the love between you binds them to you forever. It is similar to how we feel about our adult children, and that continues forever under the Everlasting Covenant.

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  20. Anthony says:

    I’m trying to understand the role of Elijah in the last days, to restore to Israel the promises made to the fathers. As Joseph said, first comes Elias, the Elijah, the Messiah. Ezekial 34 and 37 speak plainly of David the King in the last days, seemingly separate from Christ, the King of Kings. I assume this figure is he who would come in the Spirit/power/calling of Elijah… My fear is that we will not recognize him, as Christ was not recognized…. Despite our efforts to submit to the Lord and rid ourselves of false traditions/preconceptions…. Any feelings of how his ministry will begin or take shape? Will it be humble, quiet beginnings with few followers? Or will he be recognizable or TV, known by many for good and bad? Will he first go to Gentiles, or to modern Jews, or to scattered Israel (everywhere)??


  21. I wrote about Elijah in my book “A Witness of the Temporal Dispensations” pg. 133,134, and in “A Witness of the End of Times” in the section, “The Servants.” The main role of Elijah is to administer the sealing power to those who will gather. He is not the Davidic Servant, but works closely with him.

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  22. georgerandolph88 says:

    Is it possible to partake of the fruit from the tree of life even if you’re not married?
    Additionally, if one is 4th estate and does not marry is that resolved during the millennium? Or does that person forfeit their blessings?


  23. It is resolved during the Millennium. Spouses do not need to partake of the fruit at the same time.

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  24. D&C 132:26 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, if a man marry a wife according to my word, and they are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise, according to mine appointment, and he or she shall commit any sin or transgression of the new and everlasting covenant whatever, and all manner of blasphemies, and if they commit no murder wherein they shed innocent blood, yet they shall come forth in the first resurrection, and enter into their exaltation; but they shall be destroyed in the flesh, and shall be delivered unto the buffetings of Satan unto the day of redemption, saith the Lord God.”

    Please could you give us a spiritual translation. And what does it mean to be destroyed in the flesh? And what does it mean to be delivered unto the buffeting of Satan?
    thanks so much! [I don’t have permission to do a translation of section 132 at this time. PR]

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  25. Karla says:

    I have a question, or maybe two, is this one of the reasons why 3rd Estate condensed back to Earth to be sealed to their spouse? It sounds that if you are not a 4th Estate this union is not final, so 2nd and 3rd estates have to move up in glory and complete their 4ths Estate to have that blessing. So if most of us are 2nd Estate we still have a while to go. Also, I know you have no permission to translate D&C 132:26, but could it be interpreted as being destroyed in the flesh as living in bondage to sin and the influences of Satan, him having power over our flesh, being delivered to His buffering. I see a lot of people that have left their spouses for another person, and broken their covenants, by the way they did this, and it’s not pretty, many of them if they haven’t repented yet are in a bad relationships or completely disconnected from God. Thank you. [Marriages become sealed after the end or near the end of the 4th estate.PR]


  26. Section 132: if a man marry a wife by my word, which is my law, and by the new and everlasting covenant, (and it is )(sealed unto them )(by the Holy Spirit of promise)
    When I married my First Nations husband and we kneeled at the alter, to be sealed , the moment we each said Yes , from head to toe a charge of quickened energy ,the only thing that I could describe as the “Holy Spirit of Promise” went through us. Without saying a word to each other, but our eyes locking on each other we said “ Did you Feel that!” “Did you feel that?! I knew! Absolutely we were sealed. But that didn’t stop challenging seasons that came to tempt us to “ Draw Back” and by our agency reject the Truth/ the HolyGhost and become if we choose perdition. Every single time one of those moments would come these truths would come in to our minds and hearts. Such as,
    Section 131: 6 ​It is impossible for a man to be ​​​saved​ in ​​​ignorance​.
    As well as the True Nature of God , that He can’t Lie , or like Joseph loosing the pages God foresaw the end from the beginning and prepared the way.. or 1 Nephi, “ I will go and “Do” the things the Lord has commanded me” which goes to John 4:34
    “ Jesus saith unto them, My meat, is to go and “Do” the will of Him that sent me…” which connected to, the prayer on the water/ wine in sacrament “ That they may “DO” it in remembrance “.. the sealing that day has acted like an anchor to my soul.. the Lord is so gracious and merciful … I am continually humbled at his direction to Charity. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen…


  27. Delphine Leskov says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us on your blog.
    So, as far as you know is it theoretically possible to partake of exaltation without being in a plural marriage relationship? One man and one woman is the pattern and is totally acceptable? [Yes, it is the divine plan to have a man and a woman, not polygamy in the Eternal Realms. PR]


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