Nephi’s Journey Begins – 1 Nephi 2:1-24

I am doing a careful examination of the Book of Mormon to share some of my insights and revelations for those who are interested. Pray for your own confirmation and revelation as you read these thoughts. 

1 For behold, it came to pass that the Lord spake unto my father, yea, even in a dream, and said unto him: Blessed art thou Lehi, because of the things which thou hast done; and because thou hast been faithful and declared unto this people the things which I commanded thee, behold, they seek to take away thy life. [Often when we are so cumbered with the business of life it can be difficult for us to hear the Spirit telling us something. It requires us to take to time to be holy. In these cases, when urgency abounds, the Lord will visit us in our dreams.]

2 And it came to pass that the Lord commanded my father, even in a dream, that he should take his family and depart into the wilderness.

3 And it came to pass that he was obedient unto the word of the Lord, wherefore he did as the Lord commanded him. [Often the Lord does not explain in detail the reasons for doing something. In our obedience we receive the blessings and later realize the reason for the revelation. Why would Lehi be commanded to leave when so many other prophets were remaining in the city?]

4 And it came to pass that he departed into the wilderness. And he left his house, and the land of his inheritance, and his gold, and his silver, and his precious things, and took nothing with him, save it were his family, and provisions, and tents, and departed into the wilderness. [He was strictly commanded that he was to do it this way.]

5 And he came down by the borders near the shore of the Red Sea; and he traveled in the wilderness in the borders which are nearer the Red Sea; [This was not the typical path traveled. Lehi would have traveled the Via Maris (The Way of the Sea along the Mediterranean) when trading with Egypt. In this case he was following the commandment of the Lord. Going south it took almost 2 weeks to arrive at Gulf of Aqaba.]   and he did travel in the wilderness with his family, which consisted of my mother, Sariah, and my elder brothers, who were Laman, Lemuel, and Sam.

6 And it came to pass that when he had traveled three days in the wilderness, he pitched his tent in a valley by the side of a river of water. [Near the Gulf of Aqaba on the eastern side]

7 And it came to pass that he built an altar of stones, and made an offering unto the Lord, and gave thanks unto the Lord our God. [Lehi had built an altar of stones to God before. A sign of his devotion and covenant to God.]

8 And it came to pass that he called the name of the river, Laman, and it emptied into the Red Sea; and the valley was in the borders near the mouth thereof.

9 And when my father saw that the waters of the river emptied into the fountain of the Red Sea, he spake unto Laman, saying: O that thou mightest be like unto this river, continually running into the fountain of all righteousness!

10 And he also spake unto Lemuel: O that thou mightest be like unto this valley, firm and steadfast, and immovable in keeping the commandments of the Lord! [As Lehi and his family traveled south, Lehi rehearsed to them much of the stories of the children of Israel, their struggles and miracles in the wilderness, as they were obedient in keeping the Lord’s commandments. He compared their struggles to the children of Israel and hoped they would be as blessed.]

11 Now this he spake because of the stiffneckedness of Laman and Lemuel; for behold they did murmur in many things against their father, because he was a visionary man, and had led them out of the land of Jerusalem, to leave the land of their inheritance, and their gold, and their silver, and their precious things, to perish in the wilderness. And this they said he had done because of the foolish imaginations of his heart. [Lehi’s sons were very astute, business minded men. They had prepared to take over their father’s successful trade business and had networked well amongst the Jews. They saw Lehi’s “imaginations” as folly, but felt compelled to oblige their father hoping he would come to his senses. They also were obedient in fear of losing their inheritance to run the family business.]

12 And thus Laman and Lemuel, being the eldest, did murmur against their father. And they did murmur because they knew not the dealings of that God who had created them.

13 Neither did they believe that Jerusalem, that great city, could be destroyed according to the words of the prophets. And they were like unto the Jews who were at Jerusalem, who sought to take away the life of my father. [Many people today are like this, seeing the world through the eyes of the natural man, with no relationship to the Spirit to guide them. Many people in America today take for granted the blessings of safety and prosperity we enjoy.]

14 And it came to pass that my father did speak unto them in the valley of Lemuel, with power, being filled with the Spirit, until their frames did shake before him. And he did confound them, that they durst not utter against him; wherefore, they did as he commanded them. [Lehi was a powerful prophet, filled with confidence in the Lord.]

15 And my father dwelt in a tent. [Seemingly, a random statement; but every sentence in the Book of Mormon is there for a reason. To dwell in a tent is to imply that one is a wanderer without a permanent home. Lehi was no stranger to the traveling life, but he dwelt in a spacious home near Jerusalem. His new “dwelling” was now a simple tent. He gave up everything to be obedient to the Lord’s word to him.]

16 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, being exceedingly young, [From the perspective of writing this as an older more experienced man.] nevertheless being large in stature, [influence] and also having great desires to know of the mysteries of God, [spiritiually-minded] wherefore, I did cry unto the Lord; and behold he did visit me, and did soften my heart that I did believe all the words which had been spoken by my father; wherefore, I did not rebel against him like unto my brothers. [The Spirit comforted Nephi, receiving personal revelation concerning his father’s visions.]

17 And I spake unto Sam, making known unto him the things which the Lord had manifested unto me by his Holy Spirit. And it came to pass that he believed in my words.

18 But, behold, Laman and Lemuel would not hearken unto my words; and being grieved because of the hardness of their hearts I cried unto the Lord for them.

19 And it came to pass [after the passing of time]  that the Lord spake unto me, saying: Blessed art thou, Nephi, because of thy faith, for thou hast sought me diligently, with lowliness of heart. [A formula for great faith, to seek revelation diligently, with a humble heart.]

20 And inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments, [My revelations to you.] ye shall prosper, and shall be led to a land of promise; yea, even a land which I have prepared for you; yea, a land which is choice above all other lands. [The land of promise for each of us is different. This is an example of the Lord’s direction in the important things in our lives such as marriage, career, where we live, what we do. The promises of the Lord to us are directly related to our faith and the covenants made before we were born.]

21 And inasmuch as thy brethren shall rebel against thee, they shall be cut off from the presence of the Lord. [to rebel against the words given to Nephi by the Spirit of the Lord.]

22 And inasmuch as thou shalt keep my commandments, [as received by revelation] thou shalt be made a ruler and a teacher over thy brethren.

23 For behold, in that day that they shall rebel against me, I will curse them even with a sore curse, and they shall have no power over thy seed except they shall rebel against me also.

24 And if it so be that they rebel against me, they shall be a scourge unto thy seed, to stir them up in the ways of remembrance. [These words were recorded by Nephi as direct revelations from the Lord, in His voice. Previously, Nephi had only received revelation by the Spirit. He is beginning to exercise the gifts of the Spirit and ascend the steps of revelatory progression. As Nephi wrote this he must have felt great joy in understanding after witnessing the fulfillment of these prophecies the wisdom of God in His mercy to have the seed of his wicked brothers play a part in the repentance of his people.]


Additional Note: There is a Facebook Group called Pure Revelations Discussions if you desire to discuss these topics. I do not administer the group and am not a participant.

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7 Responses to Nephi’s Journey Begins – 1 Nephi 2:1-24

  1. Julie Woodbury says:

    I appreciate your commentary on the book of Mormon the book of Mormon has played an integral part in my conversion to the gospel not being influenced by any religion as I am a convert by the age of 16 I had read the book of Mormon three times and still hadn’t joined the church my conversion to the truthfulness of the book of Mormon was a process but it develop me in such a way as to learn how to receive revelation and I am so ever grateful for the kindness the Lord has showed me And taught me step by step until I was able to receive a direct revelation that book of Mormon was true.
    I have been blessed much and I’m so grateful for your wonderful gift and for sharing it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rebecca Brent says:

    Did Nephi have any sisters at this time? If so why do you think they aren’t mentioned?


  3. He did have sisters. I don’t know the particular to that question, but it may be that they were younger.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Andy Norris says:

    Was all of this seen by you, as you had seen in your books, or was this all revelation through the Gift of Revelation?


  5. It is a mix. This why I call it BofM Thoughts.

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  6. TSJ says:

    PR, you say in your comments in verse 15 that every sentence in the Book of Mormon is there for a reason. So a thought came to my mind (m own personal revelation) about the reason for Mormon including this passage. I believe he truly saw our day and put this verse in specifically because of how closely the troubles of the Last Days parallel the Jerusalem falling into captivity. I believe this is a pattern for us today to help us with our own Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and our own personal revelation. Some of us will be commanded like Lehi to leave our worldly comforts, wealth, and homes to wander under the Lord’s direction and also to live in tents! Is this something you have also seen, or received a witness of?

    I am dumbfounded by how I totally minimized this verse until you helped to open my eyes. Thank you for helping me to make space in my life for holy time with the Lord. Receiving a witness by the Spirit is a sweet experience. And I am grateful the Lord has provided this sacred text, the Book of Mormon to help me to hear his voice and come unto him.


  7. tekoraa says:

    In verse 16 where Nephi says the Lord visited him, is this a second comforter experience? Or was it the spirit of the Lord that visited him. [It was His Spirit that visited Him. Nephi received the Lord line upon line just as we do. PR]

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