Remember This Day

Almost 400 years ago a small group of about 50 people celebrated their miraculous survival of the harshest conditions in a New World. These were the Pilgrims, the only survivors of a group of exiled Puritans that left the Netherlands seeking religious freedom in this covenant land.

The first Thanksgiving was a Christian event to celebrate God’s blessing to them in preserving their lives. They invited all to partake of the bounty, including a larger number of “Lamanites” that outnumbered themselves.

Their prosperity led to more such pilgrims making their way to the New World, and planted the seeds that would lead to the colonization of America, our Independence from Britain, and the restoration of the Gospel. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

How is that relevant to us today?

It will take courage far beyond what the Pilgrims endured to create what will be Zion when the time comes. Our faith in God, His providence and guidance by the Spirit through great difficulties, and the power of His priesthood will make our path straight. And when Zion is established there will be a Thanksgiving of bounteous spiritual gifts like the world has not seen in a long time.

On this Thanksgiving day, let us be grateful for who has gone before, but be very reflective for what lies ahead.

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3 Responses to Remember This Day

  1. theariesphoenix says:

    Thank you for the contribution you make in sharing your faith 🙂 Love you Brother

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  2. pjmoblog says:

    Greetings Northamerican brothers and sisters! It may be that not all was peaceful and honorable in the conquest and colonization of the New World but, like you, I look for the noblest stories and events. The fraternity between red men and white man, then later the black man, specially as seen from the eyes of our noble ancestors who were guided across the Atlantic to the Americas. Many of them being Jews evading the Inquisition. Others, like the Pilgrims, were Christian minorities.
    I am sure that the best of their dreams is yet to be fulfilled among their faithful descendants.
    Today I decorated my facebook page with this beautiful American painting of Thanksgiving.


  3. Rachel M. Crandall says:

    Thanks this is beautiful. I am a direct descendant of governor william Bradford, I grew up in the Boston area and have been to Plymouth many times. You words continue to touch me and help me. Happy thanksgiving, Rachel

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