Voyage to the Promised Land – 1 Nephi 18:1-25

1 And it came to pass that they [his brothers] did worship the Lord, and did go forth with me; and we did work timbers of curious workmanship. And the Lord did show me from time to time after what manner I should work the timbers of the ship. [revelation came as needed. Often the Lord gives us what we need in stages.]

2 Now I, Nephi, did not work the timbers after the manner which was learned by men, neither did I build the ship after the manner of men; but I did build it after the manner which the Lord had shown unto me; wherefore, it was not after the manner of men. [The hull was like a large oval row boat, but with a steering mechanism and sail. Not the long ship typically envisioned. The sides curled inward like a jar.]

3 And I, Nephi, did go into the mount oft, [meaning he ascended spiritually] and I did pray oft unto the Lord; wherefore the Lord showed unto me great things.

4 And it came to pass that after I had finished the ship, according to the word of the Lord, my brethren beheld that it was good, and that the workmanship thereof was exceedingly fine; wherefore, they did humble themselves again before the Lord. [I did not see any heavy trees for ship building other than something that resembled a larger palo verde tree. The glue was black and may have been petroleum based.]

5 And it came to pass that the voice of the Lord came unto my father, that we should arise and go down into the ship. [Nephi waited for his father to receive the revelation. Lehi was the patriarch of the family and Nephi always checked in with his Father.]

6 And it came to pass that on the morrow, after we had prepared all things, much fruits and meat from the wilderness, and honey in abundance, and provisions according to that which the Lord had commanded us, we did go down into the ship, [no animals] with all our loading and our seeds, and whatsoever thing we had brought with us, every one according to his age; wherefore, we did all go down into the ship, with our wives and our children.

7 And now, my father had begat two sons in the wilderness; the elder was called Jacob and the younger Joseph. [Both of these children were born to Sariah in late middle age. A great stress and also blessing to them.]

8 And it came to pass after we had all gone down into the ship, and had taken with us our provisions and things which had been commanded us, we did put forth into the sea and were driven forth before the wind towards the promised land. [Around the horn of Africa.]

9 And after we had been driven forth before the wind for the space of many days, behold, my brethren and the sons of Ishmael and also their wives began to make themselves merry, insomuch that they began to dance, and to sing, and to speak with much rudeness, yea, even that they did forget by what power they had been brought thither; yea, they were lifted up unto exceeding rudeness. [inapropriate behavior]

10 And I, Nephi, began to fear exceedingly lest the Lord should be angry with us, and smite us because of our iniquity, [sexual sin] that we should be swallowed up in the depths of the sea; wherefore, I, Nephi, began to speak to them with much soberness; but behold they were angry with me, saying: We will not that our younger brother shall be a ruler over us.

11 And it came to pass that Laman and Lemuel did take me and bind me with cords, and they did treat me with much harshness; nevertheless, the Lord did suffer it that he might show forth his power, unto the fulfilling of his word which he had spoken concerning the wicked. [Often the Lord allows the righteous to suffer for a purpose which we often don’t see until later.]

12 And it came to pass that after they had bound me insomuch that I could not move, the compass, which had been prepared of the Lord, did cease to work. [The pointers didn’t move anymore.]

13 Wherefore, they knew not whither they should steer the ship, insomuch that there arose a great storm, yea, a great and terrible tempest, and we were driven back upon the waters for the space of three days; [They were driven out to the farther part of the ocean, whereas before they along the coast of Africa.] and they began to be frightened exceedingly lest they should be drowned in the sea; nevertheless they did not loose me.

14 And on the fourth day, which we had been driven back, the tempest began to be exceedingly sore.

15 And it came to pass that we were about to be swallowed up in the depths of the sea. And after we had been driven back upon the waters for the space of four days, my brethren began to see that the judgments of God were upon them, and that they must perish save that they should repent of their iniquities; wherefore, they came unto me, and loosed [loosened] the bands which were upon my wrists, and behold they had swollen exceedingly; and also mine ankles were much swollen, and great was the soreness thereof.

16 Nevertheless, I did look unto my God, and I did praise him all the day long; and I did not murmur against the Lord because of mine afflictions. [In our afflictions we gather light when we cheer our soul by remembering the blessings of the Lord and trust in Him.]

17 Now my father, Lehi, had said many things unto them, and also unto the sons of Ishmael; but, behold, they did breathe out much threatenings against anyone that should speak for me; [Threatened to throw off the ship.] and my parents being stricken in years, and having suffered much grief because of their children, they were brought down, yea, even upon their sick-beds.

18 Because of their grief and much sorrow, and the iniquity of my brethren, they were brought near even to be carried out of this time to meet their God; yea, their grey hairs were about to be brought down to lie low in the dust; yea, even they were near to be cast with sorrow into a watery grave. [very sick and weak]

19 And Jacob and Joseph also, being young, having need of much nourishment, [nurturing] were grieved because of the afflictions of their mother; and also my wife with her tears and prayers, and also my children, did not soften the hearts of my brethren that they would loose me.

20 And there was nothing save it were the power of God, which threatened them with destruction, could soften their hearts; wherefore, when they saw that they were about to be swallowed up in the depths of the sea they repented of the thing which they had done, insomuch that they loosed me.

21 And it came to pass after they had loosed me, behold, I took the compass, and it did work whither I desired it. And it came to pass that I prayed unto the Lord; and after I had prayed the winds did cease, and the storm did cease, and there was a great calm.

22 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, did guide the ship, that we sailed again towards the promised land. [crossing the ocean]

23 And it came to pass that after we had sailed for the space of many days we did arrive at the promised land; and we went forth upon the land, and did pitch our tents; and we did call it the promised land. [When the Lord’s promised blessing finally arrives it is often comes upon us quickly without warning. Suddenly we see the fulfillment of the promise and our hearts fill with joy. In a similar manner will Zion become visible to those anticipating its establishment.]

24 And it came to pass that we did begin to till the earth, and we began to plant seeds; yea, we did put all our seeds into the earth, which we had brought from the land of Jerusalem. And it came to pass that they did grow exceedingly; wherefore, we were blessed in abundance.

25 And it came to pass that we did find upon the land of promise, as we journeyed in the wilderness, [Over time they expanded inland.] that there were beasts in the forests of every kind, both the cow and the ox, and the ass and the horse [This is a reference to an animal which could be harnessed], and the goat and the wild goat, and all manner of wild animals, which were for the use of men. And we did find all manner of ore, both of gold, and of silver, and of copper.

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17 Responses to Voyage to the Promised Land – 1 Nephi 18:1-25

  1. S Silver says:

    The animal that could be harnessed, listed as a horse – is this a different animal than what we call a horse? I imagine it was not as large as many of our domestic breeds. Where did the wild asses and horses come from?


  2. S Silver says:

    Did Nephi’s brothers making trouble and being driven by a mighty storm coincide with them coming around the Horn of Africa where it can be violently stormy?

    Thank you for all you share!!!


  3. S Silver says:

    Are you allowed to share where they first landed? Was it along the Atlantic mouth of the St. Lawrence river or did they follow it all the way in to the Great Lakes region and land there?


  4. S Silver says:

    Can you describe more about the accommodations on the boat? Did it have a deck and a below-deck area? How did they sleep? What sheltered them overhead? How thick and high was the mast? Was it similar to a cozy yacht or were the families less cramped? While I envision the sails being a natural off-white or tan shade, was this the reality? Did they sacrifice one of their tents to make the sail or were they able to buy fabric from other peoples or caravans as they journeyed?


  5. S Silver says:

    Are you allowed to describe the horse/saddled animal? It makes so much sense that it would be different! Was it small like a donkey? Or is it a truly unique animal that has been lost from nature in our day?


  6. Chaser says:

    Have you been shown where it was that they landed? East Coast is what you have shared, but is there a more specific spot?


  7. S Silver says:

    Was the animal harnessed to pull (chariots, carts, plows, etc) or harnessed and saddled to ride? I’m still trying to envision what it could be. 🙂


  8. S Silver says:

    Humorous because it was a type of deer pulling a carriage? Like how reindeer pull the sleigh we attribute to Santa Claus? (Would not surprise me, it seems every myth has a grain of truth!)

    Liked by 1 person

  9. It was not a horse as we think of. The first time I saw it was a vision of Ammon that included him feeding Lamoni’s horses.


  10. It seemed that they had already turned the horn.


  11. I havent asked that, but it was inside of Florida in the gulf somewhere. I couldn’t say exactly.


  12. What I saw were provisions in the belly with a platform of sorts where they rested. The sail wasnt terribly large. I dont know what was used. It reminded me of being in a large pot or basket. There was a large rutter that they used. It looked home made, but solid. I saw it in vision, so I didnt inspect carefully.


  13. I feel compelled not to,. It would surprise many and seem humorous to some.


  14. I dont know exactly where.


  15. Chariots, carriages.


  16. Shane McCarthy says:

    I have thought that Nephi worked as a Smith before leaving Jerusalem. What is your understanding?


  17. I dont know anything about him being a smith, perhaps he did.


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