Private Group for Sharing

This is not an endorsement. More like an announcement to those who follow this blog.

You can always leave me a question on my blog and often I answer them, but sometimes I don’t reply, or always post the comment.  The only rules I have are that there is no reference to other individuals or institutions, and also that the questions are not for the purpose of debating something – I’m just the messenger.

There is a private Facebook group called Pure Revelations Blog Discussions that another group unrelated to me has set up where you can freely discuss the information in this blog, and also share spiritual related questions and experiences. It is located at this link:

My understanding is that this is a diverse group in what they believe, but they are respectful to each other as they share their ideas.

Don’t feel restrained from asking me questions here. Responses may be short, but I do my best.


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3 Responses to Private Group for Sharing

  1. Myrsmakeup says:

    I briefly was on the FB page but feel so much better speaking to the messenger 😇 directly here. Thank you PR!

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  2. theariesphoenix says:

    I am a member of said group and I have sometimes wondered about your feelings about the group for what is shared concerning your writings, both in terms of correctness as well as your stipulation that the things you’ve shared in your books and blog only be shared with those to whom the spirit guides.

    I shouldn’t judge, but I do feel like the group may be a little more free with the information than I considered one should be who comes into contact with your material.

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts if you have any and find it prudent.


  3. It has been a few years since I started the blog and its not hidden. I always suggest on the homepage that the books be read in the order given. Those who need the information will benefit, and those who do not will dismiss it. I didn’t start the FB site and don’t participate, but it gives those who wish to discuss a place to share.

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