The Cheetah – A Dream

I had a dream recently that I could not forget and I discovered was from the Lord:

I was with a group of children, perhaps ages 2-4. Their parents were there, but I could not see them. I noticed a large cheetah playing with the group of children. I didn’t know where it had come from. It was playing gently but I was alarmed and afraid to startle it, that it may attack one of the children. I saw it open its mouth and place it softly over the entire head of one two-year-old. I gasped as it let go. The parents around me were afraid and didn’t know what to do, although some were happy and saying how darling it was to see them interact with the beautiful animal.

Next, I saw as many of the children went inside the house. I began to pet the animal and even hold it like I would my own dog as she laid on the ground. I saw its huge claws. They were sharp and deadly. I knew I could not make any quick moves or it may turn against us; however, I couldn’t let it mingle with the children any longer. What should I do? I awoke.

When I asked the Lord regarding the dream He said that the children were those who were unaware of the truth regarding the Church of the Gentiles. They were innocent like children. There are those who are aware, that would like to dive in and make things right, but this is not wise under the current circumstances. The time will come when the Church of the Gentiles is lulled away that there will be a separation of its own and then safety for those who do not come unto it.

Any time we call a person or institution to repentance it should only be done as a direct commandment from the Lord, by His Spirit. There is a “call to repentance” (to turn to God), and a “call to correction” (to obey a specific commandment). If not done under proper divine authority and blessing, the outcome could be the opposite of what one would hope.

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15 Responses to The Cheetah – A Dream

  1. Karla says:

    “And the angel spake unto me, saying: Behold the gold, and the silver, and the silks, and the scarlets, and the fine-twined linen, and the precious clothing, and the harlots, are the desires of this great and abominable church.” This is a clear description of this church, why they are set up.
    “Moreover, the Lord saith: Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched-forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet” This describes the hearts, the desires in their hearts bring them to show who they are. We as a nation or society follow Falls Gods.

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  2. Thank you. Many blessings.


  3. Amber says:

    Who is the church of the gentiles?


  4. The easy answer is that it is all Christian churches established by gentiles. Today, they have blended into the Great and Abominable Church and only those who are a part of the Church of the Lamb are accepted of Christ. To parse this out you can read in BofM Thoughts: 1 Nephi 13, 14 and 2 Nephi 13, and 26.

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  5. S Silver says:

    What do the adults/parents in the dream represent? Some seem alarmed/afraid (as if they are more aware) and others seem to think the cheetah playing with the children is “darling”. What did these opposite reactions symbolize?


  6. Some parents see the danger, others do not. Parents are those who are supposed to watch over the flock.

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  7. S Silver says:

    “The time will come when the Church of the Gentiles is lulled away that there will be a separation of its own and then safety for those who do not come unto it.”
    Are you able to tell us how the Church of the Gentiles is lulled away? [The Adversary is pulling the churches away from God in the same way much of our society and culture has become more tolerant of sin. Where it was once the responsibility of the church to guide its members in a walk of holiness, now is a place to echo the corrupted virtues of society. PR]
    How will the separation of its members look? Is that happening now as people feel called to step away from their church so they have more time to pray & study on their own? [YES]
    What does “safety for those who do not come unto it” mean? [Those who seek Christ at the expense of their church association.]
    Thank you for sharing this dream and answering so many questions as we try to learn everything we can!

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  8. AE says:

    Four years ago, my husband and I went through an awakening. My husband was beginning to be especially concerned about our church attendance and false traditions and beliefs that were being taught to our children. We decided to pray about how we should proceed. I had a strong impression that for me to know Christ I would need to sacrifice my church membership. The thought took me by surprise and scared me. I prayed for four months for additional confirmation that that impression had come from God. One day, after praying about some other things, I was filled with the knowledge that it was time to leave and to trust in the Lord. It came on so clearly that I could never question or deny that that was what God has asked me to do. I know family and friends don’t understand and probably believe I’ve been deceived. I know others have also been led out of their church and they continue to seek Christ.
    I have often seen it has being in a house on fire. The fire is on the main level and my family and friends are asleep upstairs. They are comfortable, warm and don’t want to be awakened. Sometimes they smell a whiff of smoke, but they turn and ignore it. I have seen the smoke and the fire and have tried to point out some of the smoke, but only the Lord can fully awaken us to our awful situation.

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  9. S Silver says:

    Our family was led out of the church we were attending, too. I was sitting in church one day when the Lord enlightened my mind that I was practicing idolatry and supporting priestcraft. I had put church leaders between He and myself, believing they had authority to direct me (idolatry) and I was paying tithing money to a church, to be used in ways other than for helping the poor and needy, (which was supporting priestcraft). That information came in Nov 2017 and was a shock but God seemed so excited for me to know the truth! I prayed carefully (and studied 2 Nephi 26-28 for two months) before we stepped away from activity 7 months later. It is not easy and most people do not believe God would have led me out of a church, but He did and I am so grateful to Him for the opportunity to heal from my false traditions and unbelief!

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  10. It certainly helps to gather with others who are seeking Christ, but to flee idolatry is important.

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  11. onestilllearning says:

    The following happened to me a couple of years ago. I had been in process for over a few years at the time having my own eyes opened to how my church had strayed from pure beginnings. It had felt like the earth beneath my feet in earthquake upheavals. One night after some more reading and learning of church history I felt to ask God what he wanted me to do with what I had been learning. Having heard of others being instructed to leave I knew this may be a possible answer and though none of my family knew what I knew, and I knew from experience they didn’t want to know, and that if I was told to leave I could very likely loose the support of my family and husband, I had to know God’s will for me. The answer was very clear and came in thought in words, “Stay where you are planted”. I was immediately both grateful for an answer and also grateful for the blessing of being spared the trial I knew would be mine if told to leave. It was however becoming increasingly difficult to hold my tongue to truths that felt sometimes impossible to share without being kicked out when participating at church and in conversation with members and family. I almost felt as if I was living a lie. But over the next year with more pondering and studying, including scriptures, I came to see Christlike reasons for not judging, but instead, loving and caring and serving those in authority over me that I knew weren’t presiding as Christ would. Twenty years previous I had received a blessing in my marriage from God to learn what it was to love unconditionally my husband, despite his weaknesses and failures, and instead love him the way God loved him. This was done through the spirit as I was directed to ask God to give me the love he had for him. It changed my marriage. I could now over my church dilemma understand how God wanted me to do the same for everyone, including every church leader present or past. I now wanted to love and forgive trespasses by all who trespassed against my church organization and leave the judgement to he who paid for their sins. In doing so I hope to be forgiven of mine. My eyes are still opened and I stand ready as one Abish spoken of in Alma 19, ready to help as those around me come to know the truth when it is revealed more openly, as I trust God will bring. He will certainly regather his scattered flock as in Ezekiel 34: 11-19. He is kind to all in answering the dilemma of his true church, The Church of the Firstborn, not being on the earth at this time. And he gives us each instruction that is individual, that he knows is perfect for each of us, for our learning and good. I so appreciate this dream “the Cheetah” and explanation. It is true.

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  12. Star Scream says:

    Hi P.R, I hope you are well brother.
    I have a question about the nature of dreams.

    Lately I have thinking about the mechanics of dreams and how they work. I think you have explained waking visions pretty well. But what is the mechanism behind inspired/revelatory dreams? My question is especially about dreams where you have a vivid dream of a late loved one and you interact in a certain location within the dream. Is it just a vision while you are asleep? Or does your spirit actually go there and interact with the departed spirit? Does the “spirit splits, is in two places at once” mechanism also apply to dreams?

    It seems to me that the mechanisms behind dreams is the same as waking visions except that waking visions require faith and dreams do not. I know you have mentioned something to that effect. [Dreams are the mechanism to both open one’s spiritual eyes and communicate with the spiritual realm. It can be breeched by both the light and darkness of that realm, and usually is open to very symbolic representations. It is common for spirits to communicate with us through our dreams. After having a vivid dream it is wise to ask the Lord to help you understand its meaning, who it is from, and what you should do. PR]

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  13. truthseeker1820 says:

    PR, I have a loved one who had a very frightening and vivid vision of beings and creatures underneath the earth. This loved one tells me their dream felt very vivid and real. They are young and they want me to help them make sense of the dream. I usually counsel people to seek their own revelation, but this is a loved one who is very young and tender and still new to the process of revelation. I do not want to insert an incorrect interpretation of my own making into their mind.

    Which Gift(s) of the Spirit do I need to cultivate and ask the Lord to help me with, in order to interpret their dream? I would like to interpret it correctly and according to the Spirit, not according to my own (very limited) wisdom. I know Daniel and Joseph held these gifts… how did Daniel and Joseph correctly interpret the dreams of others? [I would ask the Lord for permission and specifically ask for a gift to interpret this dream and how best to help this person. There is the possibility it came from the Adversary too. This could be a great opportunity to increase your faith and the faith of this young person. PR]

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  14. truthseeker1820 says:

    PR, thank you for your response! I was able to use your as launching points to guide my revelation. I’ll try to refrain from details, but I was given a vision of their dream. An angel escorted me and showed me scenes therefrom, and the interpretation of various symbols in the dream. It was neat to fly on an angels’s back! I haven’t had such an in-depth vision before, and I have many questions now, more than answers, but I’m supremely grateful to the Lord for helping me and allowing me to do it. My loved one was shocked by how the details conformed to their dream and it has certainly increased both of our faith. I was given the purpose for the dream and what it meant, as well as its source.

    I just thought if anyone reads this, know that the Lord can and will show you visions and dreams, even from someone else, and let you revisit them! And ask questions! The only things you learn about are things you ask about; I actually had to revisit the angel again shortly because I forgot to ask him something.

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  15. high above says:

    Didn’t know where else to post this. felt it needed to get out.
    9/25/2020 Dream

    Last night for a part of my dream I dreamt that the savior was near. I was in a house, in a bedroom, sitting on a bed with another lady (whom I did not recognize) and a gentle man stood before us who was being serious, seemed to be trying to get her to pay attention and study the scriptures. He implied that the Lord was in haste to our location, and she was not prepared like she should have to greet him. I being excited at this prospect, tried, to read in the scriptures where the man was expecting the woman to read, to show my willingness to do anything to see the lord. He seemed to brush me off and focus on her needing to do this. I got the impression she was further along than me, (not sure in what) and it was embarrassing that she didn’t know the scriptures or had been better prepared to meet the lord. I felt that I wasn’t held to the same standard, but that I could find myself like her someday as I got to that level and how I could learn from this situation to be better prepared. The thought of the prospect of the Savior being nearby made me very excited and a feeling of burning, and wind filled my entire body and soul, but only for a moment. It felt like a great experience was starting but didn’t complete before it was quickly gone. I looked at a picture on the wall of the Savior, which faded away until there was nothing in the picture frame. (later while pondering why, the impression I got showed me that is not where we find Christ. He is not just a photo on a wall. He is real and we must seek him) I asked the gentleman where the savior was, and he said he was nearby in a house preparing with his assistant. When I asked what he was doing I was told baking cookies, in preparation to feed his people. (Later as I pondered this, I was impressed upon to the interpretation thereof, Christ was preparing to feed his followers with something sweet to the taste. Perhaps new light and truth from heaven?)

    That was pretty much all to that portion of the dream. Pretty quickly I woke up pondering it. It seemed to stand out in my mind vividly as I cannot recollect previously ever having a dream associated with Christ before. Even though I did not see him, the feelings I had at the prospect of him being nearby was awesome. It filled me with such hope and happiness.

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