Be Prepared – Mosiah 10:1-22

1 And it came to pass that we [the people of Zeniff] again began to establish the kingdom and we again began to possess the land in peace. And I caused that there should be weapons of war made of every kind, that thereby I might have weapons for my people against the time the Lamanites should come up again to war against my people.

2 And I set guards round about the land, that the Lamanites might not come upon us again unawares and destroy us; and thus I did guard my people and my flocks, and keep them from falling into the hands of our enemies.

3 And it came to pass that we did inherit the land of our fathers for many years, yea, for the space of twenty and two years.

4 And I did cause that the men should till the ground, and raise all manner of grain and all manner of fruit of every kind. [Fruit orchards, and fields of grain and vegetables.]

5 And I did cause that the women should spin, and toil, and work, and work all manner of fine linen, yea, and cloth of every kind, that we might clothe our nakedness; and thus we did prosper in the land—thus we did have continual peace in the land for the space of twenty and two years.

6 And it came to pass that king Laman died, and his son began to reign in his stead. And he began to stir his people up in rebellion against my people; therefore they began to prepare for war, and to come up to battle against my people. [It is common for a new change in political leadership to also bring a change in policy toward our enemies. To stir up the people by means of propaganda to build support.]

7 But I had sent my spies out round about the land of Shemlon, that I might discover their preparations, that I might guard against them, that they might not come upon my people and destroy them.

8 And it came to pass that they came up upon the north of the land of Shilom, with their numerous hosts, men armed with bows, and with arrows, and with swords, and with cimeters, and with stones, and with slings; and they had their heads shaved that they were naked; and they were girded with a leathern girdle about their loins. [This was not a normal way to dress for war, enough that the people of Zeniff took note of it.]

9 And it came to pass that I caused that the women and children of my people should be hid in the wilderness; and I also caused that all my old men that could bear arms, and also all my young men that were able to bear arms, should gather themselves together to go to battle against the Lamanites; and I did place them in their ranks, every man according to his age.

10 And it came to pass that we did go up to battle against the Lamanites; and I, even I, in my old age, did go up to battle against the Lamanites. And it came to pass that we did go up in the strength of the Lord to battle.

11 Now, the Lamanites knew nothing concerning the Lord, nor the strength of the Lord, therefore they depended upon their own strength. Yet they were a strong people, as to the strength of men.

12 They were a wild, and ferocious, and a blood-thirsty people, believing in the tradition of their fathers, which is this—Believing that they were driven out of the land of Jerusalem because of the iniquities of their fathers, and that they were wronged in the wilderness by their brethren, and they were also wronged while crossing the sea;

13 And again, that they were wronged while in the land of their first inheritance, after they had crossed the sea, and all this because that Nephi was more faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord—therefore he was favored of the Lord, for the Lord heard his prayers and answered them, and he took the lead of their journey in the wilderness. [The Lamanites had been taught that Nephi stole the records and holy relics when he left their fathers. That he had usurped power against the family. In our day different factions continually rile against each other for their abuse of power – racial, gender, and social inequality. These contentions will continue to expand until the violence will overflow.]

14 And his brethren were wroth with him because they understood not the dealings of the Lord; they were also wroth with him upon the waters because they hardened their hearts against the Lord.

15 And again, they were wroth with him when they had arrived in the promised land, because they said that he had taken the ruling of the people out of their hands; and they sought to kill him.

16 And again, they were wroth with him because he departed into the wilderness as the Lord had commanded him, and took the records which were engraven on the plates of brass, for they said that he robbed them.

17 And thus they have taught their children that they should hate them, and that they should murder them, and that they should rob and plunder them, and do all they could to destroy them; therefore they have an eternal hatred towards the children of Nephi.

There are many people in the world today that harbor eternal hatred toward other races, religions, and nationalities because of the traditions of their fathers. In our own country today their are factions that hate. They hate people according to skin color, religion, race, or political ideology. There are words that have been co-opted to only account for certain minorities, to brand those who do not follow their views. These are a tool of Satan to divide people and destroy them. When such things occur we can either sit idle and do nothing, or stand against it. Eventually, if the contention is allowed to grow it leads to war.

18 For this very cause has king Laman, by his cunning, and lying craftiness, and his fair promises, deceived me, that I have brought this my people up into this land, that they may destroy them; yea, and we have suffered these many years in the land.

19 And now I, Zeniff, after having told all these things unto my people concerning the Lamanites, I did stimulate them to go to battle with their might, putting their trust in the Lord; therefore, we did contend with them, face to face. [There is no more perfect advice to anyone than to “trust in the Lord.” This can only occur for those who have a relationship with Him.]

20 And it came to pass that we did drive them again out of our land; and we slew them with a great slaughter, even so many that we did not number them.

21 And it came to pass that we returned again to our own land, and my people again began to tend their flocks, and to till their ground. [A peaceful society is an agrarian society, who plant crops and husband animals. Such industry is held by a minority in America today. Why is this important? When our country is broken, few will know how to provide for themselves and there will be an entire collapse of society, without food and sustenance. How should we prepare and handle this dilemma? Foremost we must listen to the Holy Spirit and follow the Lord’s revelations to us. If you are told to leave the city and move out, do it. Keep enough food and sustenance on hand to provide for yourself in case of an emergency. How much? That is according to your personal revelation. For some, not much is required. For others, you made need a large quantity. The Lord told me I would give away most of the storage I have acquired over the years. ]

22 And now I, being old, did confer the kingdom upon one of my sons; therefore, I say no more. And may the Lord bless my people. Amen.

The purpose of these Book of Mormon chapters is for me to share my revelations and thoughts regarding its content. I was given this commandment from the Lord for the purpose of helping those who are awakening to see a little more, to come unto Him. I would pray for personal confirmation when you read something unfamiliar, accept or reject, its up to you. 

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7 Responses to Be Prepared – Mosiah 10:1-22

  1. daniel Dylan says:

    “[I need to ask the Lord what neas and sheum are.]” from the last chapter. When you find this out please let us know. It fasinates me knowing these details. Thank you for making the BofM come more alive then ever before, Thank you for all you share and all the time you spend in doing this.

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  2. daniel Dylan says:

    “11 Now, the Lamanites knew nothing concerning the Lord, nor the strength of the Lord, therefore they depended upon their own strength.” Can you expound more upon this? Is it angels are there to help? Is it a mass blessing upon the armies of the Nephites to make them not weary in fighting? Is it to take away their fears? Is it to place a shield of protection upon them? I can only imagine what a bunch of farmers living in peace seeing these blood thirsty men with shaved heads coming upon them. [Even though they were farmers, most Nephite men were taught from a young age how to be a soldier. The key was their motivations and the power of prayer in your behalf. PR]

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  3. Rachel M. Crandall says:

    Thanks, we have been prompted to move from alpine to manti and have our home we are selling under contract. The lord has blessed us as we have obeyed but it’s a big change and we’re trying to be like Nephi. We will put an offer on a home in manti that is meant to be a relief house and a place of refuge. I’m putting all my trust in god. I’m learning it’s easier to say I will obey and follow you than to actually do it. I am repenting of fear and going forward in faith and trust each day. Thanks for your comments.

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  4. Mike Ross says:

    I had a dream about 2 months ago about a tsunami rolling down a valley highway here in California. We live 17 miles from the sea. It came rushing up that corridor and I was running to high ground. I remember exactly where I saw the water. I was safe, but people were swept away below because they didn’t make it to the high ground.

    I was talking to my sister about a week later. She lives in utah. She mentioned she had a dream about a tsunami in california. I asked her where she saw it happening. It was the exact same location as mY tsunami dream. More details though.

    We had a lot to discuss! It’s getting interesting.

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  5. S Silver says:

    Thank you, sincerely, for your commentary in verse 21. I believe you are prompted on these things but you have no idea how the Lord is weaving things together in our lives.

    We moved from the city to a country house on the outskirts nine months ago. Last Friday I started a blog and began writing articles to help other people who are wanting to do the same. Reading this today was a great confirmation. Thank you!!!


  6. Myrsmakeup says:

    Mike Ross- My son and I have had same dream for quite some time! I’m thinking is Cali people may need to relocate sooner than later.

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  7. Mike Ross says:

    Oh believe me… living 15 minutes from the ocean, I’ve asked the Lord! 😀

    And what was given finally was that dream. I didn’t feel panic or peace in it. I was observant in the sheer magnitude of what I was seeing. And again, I was unharmed. I am trying to discern if I am supposed to stay behind to help those who will need it.

    It’d be great to compare notes on your tsunami dream though 😀

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