A Crack in Their Armor – Alma 59:1-13

This chapter teaches a key to the downfall of the Nephites. It also reflects what will eventually destroy our country preceding the rise of Zion before Christ’s coming.

1 Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi, after Moroni had received and had read Helaman’s epistle, he was exceedingly rejoiced because of the welfare, yea, the exceeding success which Helaman had had, in obtaining those lands which were lost.

2 Yea, and he did make it known unto all his people, in all the land round about in that part where he was, that they might rejoice also.

3 And it came to pass that he immediately sent an epistle to Pahoran [the chief judge], desiring that he should cause men to be gathered together to strengthen Helaman, or the armies of Helaman, insomuch that he might with ease maintain that part of the land which he had been so miraculously prospered in regaining.

4 And it came to pass when Moroni had sent this epistle to the land of Zarahemla, he began again to lay a plan that he might obtain the remainder of those possessions and cities which the Lamanites had taken from them.

5 And it came to pass that while Moroni was thus making preparations to go against the Lamanites to battle, behold, the people of Nephihah, who were gathered together from the city of Moroni and the city of Lehi and the city of Morianton, were attacked by the Lamanites.

6 Yea, even those who had been compelled to flee from the land of Manti, and from the land round about, had come over and joined the Lamanites in this part of the land.

7 And thus being exceedingly numerous, yea, and receiving strength from day to day, by the command of Ammoron they came forth against the people of Nephihah, and they did begin to slay them with an exceedingly great slaughter.

8 And their armies were so numerous that the remainder of the people of Nephihah were obliged to flee before them; and they came even and joined the army of Moroni.

9 And now as Moroni had supposed that there should be men sent to the city of Nephihah, to the assistance of the people to maintain that city, and knowing that it was easier to keep the city from falling into the hands of the Lamanites than to retake it from them, he supposed that they would easily maintain that city.

10 Therefore he retained all his force to maintain those places which he had recovered.

11 And now, when Moroni saw that the city of Nephihah was lost he was exceedingly sorrowful, and began to doubt, because of the wickedness of the people, whether they should not fall into the hands of their brethren. [Moroni gaged the loss of Nephihah and possible future losses to the wickedness of the people. As I have considered the success of America since its founding, I feel that although our people have died in many wars, our country has not been conquered. This is due primarily to the righteous that inhabit it. Those days of protection are coming to a close, there is a serious “crack in our armor.” The wickedness of our country far exceeds Sodom and Gomorrah of old at this time. The Lord is allowing for the division of the wicked and righteous to become more acute, or in other words, the ripening of wickedness to occur.]

12 Now this was the case with all his chief captains. They doubted and marveled also because of the wickedness of the people, and this because of the success of the Lamanites over them.

13 And it came to pass that Moroni was angry with the government, because of their indifference concerning the freedom of their country.

It saddens my heart to read that last verse. “Indifference” is the poison of the Adversary. Do you not see great indifference today amongst our people? Indifference toward the loss of freedom, the killing of millions of unborn babies, the attacks against our sovereignty, decency, and the followers of Christ. It is important that the righteous fortify themselves from such things. How is it done? By reasoning with our spouses, children, and families in love and according to the Spirit. By being in a constant state of repentance (hearts turned to God.) We need to avoid the unclean things of the world and be willing to speak out against evil when the Lord directs it. The day has come when those not standing in holy places will have no promise.


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2 Responses to A Crack in Their Armor – Alma 59:1-13

  1. S Silver says:

    ““Indifference” is the poison of the Adversary…It is important that the righteous fortify themselves from such things. How is it done? By reasoning with our spouses, children, and families in love and according to the Spirit.”
    Thank you for writing this. I’ve seen online that you simply cannot reason with internet strangers. I am the gentle type, who finds it easy to hold my tongue. That is mostly good and sometimes bad. I find it a relief (and something I can now take to the Lord) that perhaps He only expects me to stand up or speak up lovingly to loved ones, friends and family. This feels so much more doable than being digitally slaughtered online among strangers. And yet I suspect there will come a time when we will wish for the days when it was ONLY words we were attacked with.

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  2. MRR says:

    I keep telling my teens that what we see today as a society has shifted radically away from where we were not even 15 or 20 years ago. it’s so obvious. Apathy is rampant. I just want to go out and hold up a sign on my street corners that says “Abortion is not the Answer”. I am so heart broken.


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