The Fall of the Nephites – Moroni 9:1-26

Moroni included three additional writings of his father Mormon in his Addendum to the Book of Mormon before he sealed it all up. First was a sermon he gave on charity (chapter 7), second was a letter given to him from Mormon when he began his ministry (chapter 8), and third was a letter he received just before his father died (chapter 9). 

This second to last chapter of the Book of Mormon is the darkest of all writings in the entire record. It demonstrates how low the descendants of Lehi fell before they were destroyed. It is hard to read without the heart aching, but Moroni follows it up in chapter ten with a joyous prophetic declaration.  

1 My beloved son, I write unto you again that ye may know that I am yet alive; but I write somewhat of that which is grievous.

2 For behold, I have had a sore battle with the Lamanites, in which we did not conquer; and Archeantus has fallen by the sword, and also Luram and Emron; yea, and we have lost a great number of our choice men.

3 And now behold, my son, I fear lest the Lamanites shall destroy this people; for they do not repent, and Satan stirreth them up continually to anger one with another. [Uncontrolled anger is a sign of demonic possession.]

4 Behold, I am laboring with them continually; and when I speak the word of God with sharpness they tremble and anger against me; and when I use no sharpness they harden their hearts against it; wherefore, I fear lest the Spirit of the Lord hath ceased striving with them. [Another sign of demonic possession is the manner in which the wicked respond to rebuke. They will shake and gnash their teeth, as they desire to strike out even though no violence has been given.]

5 For so exceedingly do they anger that it seemeth me that they have no fear of death; and they have lost their love, one towards another; and they thirst after blood and revenge continually. [This is a sign of one completely giving themselves over to Satan. Like the pigs who ran over a cliff, these individuals seek to murder others and even throw themselves in harms way. (Mark 5:11-13)]

6 And now, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligently; for if we should cease to labor, we should be brought under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God. [It is their calling to rescue as many as they can while in mortality.]

7 And now I write somewhat concerning the sufferings of this people. For according to the knowledge which I have received from Amoron, behold, the Lamanites have many prisoners, which they took from the tower of Sherrizah; and there were men, women, and children.

8 And the husbands and fathers of those women and children they have slain; and they feed the women upon the flesh of their husbands, and the children upon the flesh of their fathers; and no water, save a little, do they give unto them. [These depraved people take pleasure in creative torture, and cannibalism. A sign of the dark oaths.]

9 And notwithstanding this great abomination of the Lamanites, it doth not exceed that of our people in Moriantum. For behold, many of the daughters of the Lamanites have they taken prisoners; and after depriving them of that which was most dear and precious above all things, which is chastity and virtue—

10 And after they had done this thing, they did murder them in a most cruel manner, torturing their bodies even unto death; and after they have done this, they devour their flesh like unto wild beasts, because of the hardness of their hearts; and they do it for a token of bravery. [A complete collapse of humanity. These people are owned by the Adversary and will continue as such for eternity.]

11 O my beloved son, how can a people like this, that are without civilization—

12 (And only a few years have passed away, and they were a civil and a delightsome people)

13 But O my son, how can a people like this, whose delight is in so much abomination—

14 How can we expect that God will stay his hand in judgment against us?

15 Behold, my heart cries: Wo unto this people. Come out in judgment, O God, and hide their sins, and wickedness, and abominations from before thy face! [When the dark oaths reach their zenith amongst a people, God’s wrath pours out judgment upon them. In this case there were pockets of such depravity. When it is an entire city, God destroys by fire. Otherwise they are destroyed in other ways.]

16 And again, my son, there are many widows and their daughters who remain in Sherrizah; and that part of the provisions which the Lamanites did not carry away, behold, the army of Zenephi has carried away, and left them to wander whithersoever they can for food; and many old women do faint by the way and die. [The Lamanites had enslaved the women and daughters of the Nephites. They left the tower to go to battle and the Nephite troops led by Zenephi took possession. They cleaned out all the remaining food and the freed prisoners were left to wander for food.]

The Nephite men were so hungry for blood that they did not desire to tend to the needs of the women and children.

17 And the army which is with me is weak; and the armies of the Lamanites are betwixt Sherrizah and me; and as many as have fled to the army of Aaron have fallen victims to their awful brutality.

18 O the depravity of my people! They are without order and without mercy. Behold, I am but a man, and I have but the strength of a man, and I cannot any longer enforce my commands. [It is past hope. They do not even follow the orders of their commander, as they seek blood and carnage endlessly.]

19 And they have become strong in their perversion; and they are alike [both Nephite and Lamanite] brutal, sparing none, neither old nor young; and they delight in everything save that which is good; and the suffering of our women and our children upon all the face of this land doth exceed everything; yea, tongue cannot tell, neither can it be written.

20 And now, my son, I dwell no longer upon this horrible scene. Behold, thou knowest the wickedness of this people; thou knowest that they are without principle, and past feeling; and their wickedness doth exceed that of the Lamanites. [The reason that the Lamanites were allowed to endure.]

21 Behold, my son, I cannot recommend them unto God lest he should smite me. [for it would be a lie]

22 But behold, my son, I recommend thee unto God, and I trust in Christ that thou wilt be saved; and I pray unto God that he will spare thy life, to witness the return of his people unto him, or their utter destruction; for I know that they must perish except they repent and return unto him. [Mormon prayed in faith that the Lord would preserve the life of Moroni.]

23 And if they perish it will be like unto the Jaredites, because of the wilfulness of their hearts, seeking for blood and revenge.

In the previous chapter I mentioned that Moroni witnessed the massacre of almost his entire family. In context of the brutality of the Lamanite’s treatment of prisoners, it was a very quick death and a preferable way to die. All Nephites died except the few who defected to the Lamanites and Moroni himself.

24 And if it so be that they perish, we know that many of our brethren have deserted over unto the Lamanites, and many more will also desert over unto them; wherefore, write somewhat a few things, if thou art spared and I shall perish and not see thee; but I trust that I may see thee soon; for I have sacred records that I would deliver up unto thee. [the golden plates]

25 My son, be faithful in Christ; and may not the things which I have written grieve thee, to weigh thee down unto death; but may Christ lift thee up, and may his sufferings and death, and the showing his body unto our fathers, and his mercy and long-suffering, and the hope of his glory and of eternal life, rest in your mind forever.

26 And may the grace of God the Father, whose throne is high in the heavens, and our Lord Jesus Christ, who sitteth on the right hand of his power, until all things shall become subject unto him, be, and abide with you forever. Amen. [Both Mormon and Moroni had witnessed the Throne of Heaven. They knew the mercies of God and did have great reason to rejoice. But, it is heart-wrenching to witness the fall of their people! Such will be the heartache of those who witness the fall of this country we live in today.]

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6 Responses to The Fall of the Nephites – Moroni 9:1-26

  1. S Silver says:

    Note from verse 10: “These people are owned by the Adversary and will continue as such for eternity.”

    Do these souls, who are owned by the adversary, come back to earth in bodies again? Or are most kept as evil spirits to influence other mortals? [They remain as spirits except under certain circumstances where bodies are provided through the Adversary. In this is a mystery. PR]

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  2. S Silver says:

    Note from vs 15: “When it is an entire city, God destroys by fire.”

    When God destroys by fire, it is always fire and brimstone that rains from heaven?

    Or can it be ANY fire, like lava or nukes or something the world might dismiss as nature or man-made? [It is a natural cleansing of fire, whether from the earth or above that is used. However, the wicked are often destroyed by war, plague, and famine as well. PR]

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  3. Myrsmakeup says:

    This is heart wrenching…..I fear that we are already witnessing a majority of this now. Earthquakes are considered normal here in Cali. Volcanoes in New Zealand. Upheaval in Iran. All within a week. It makes my heart hurt and my head spin that evil is not recognized as being evil anymore. The GIFT of discernment is crucial….

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  4. jaywez says:

    You revealed that the meaning of “grafting” of natural and wild branches of the House of Israel included the birth of gentile spirits (2nd estate beings who are perpetually telestial) into Israelite bloodlines, and Children of Light (House of Israel) being born into Gentile bloodlines. [I don’t remember gentiles being born into Israelite bloodlines, unless those lines mixed with gentiles by marriage. But, there are people who made the Everlasting Covenant before birth and are born in the gentile bloodlines. The House of Israel in the last days are those who made the Everlasting Covenant during their first estate. PR]

    I was going to ask whether gentile spirits had been born into these wicked peoples, because how could the House of Israel become so depraved? But, I expect these evil people are indeed House of Israel by spirit and lineage, and what tragedy their loss is. How can it be? Such a great loss. [The only evil spirits born into the House of Israel would be fourth estate with the design to become sons of perdition. This has occurred. PR]

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  5. Nate says:

    In verse 10, was this the Nephites performing Oaths/combinations of Perdition?…. did the Lamanites do that as well? [They were both doing it, yes. It was not all the people, but some. PR]

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  6. tekoraa says:

    8 And the husbands and fathers of those women and children they have slain; and they feed the women upon the flesh of their husbands, and the children upon the flesh of their fathers; and no water, save a little, do they give unto them. [These depraved people take pleasure in creative torture, and cannibalism. A sign of the dark oaths.]

    Are these sort of things happening (cannibalism) now in dark oaths across the world and in secret combinations amongst governments? [Yes, but not necessarily feeding it to their families. That was a sick act that was done to humor themselves. PR]

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