New Diagrams

I have recently posted new diagrams including a new one today called, “The Order of the Heavens.” The purpose of these diagrams is to help you to better understand the structure of these things as I understand them. Please pray for your own confirmation.

The Order of the Heavens

Light and Dark Spiritual Kingdoms of the Earth

Twelve Hierarchies of Angels

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20 Responses to New Diagrams

  1. MRR says:

    re: univetses stacked like pancakes in glory

    is it possible to discern where our universe is in glory with relation to other universes?

    are we in a universe way at the bottom? PR does it not work that way? is universal progression– linear, or non linear?
    …meaning can we leapfrog ahead pr pass another universe up if we attain more glory than they do.

    it seems I am putting a limited earth view on this, for sure. [I have not seen anything beyond God’s dominion. I only know that it stacks. But there are more than one stack of “pancakes.” That seems like such a weak metaphor, but I couldn’t think of a better one. It is both linear, and not. PR]

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  2. Myrsmakeup says:

    I am so excited to see your post and diagrams!! Approx 1 year ago I wrote in my journal something that was placed in my heart to pray about. I know there are similar aspects of your diagrams out there however you filled in the blanks regarding the proper order.. Joseph Smith understood this, didn’t he?!! Do you know if these were some of he teachings that he never could implement in Temple Ordinances prior to his martyrdom? My heart is racing as I understand this on an entirely different level now. Thank you for sharing what may be completely foreign to many of us. Merry Christmas to you and your family and may the Lord continue to bless us through your good works!! [I don’t know what Joseph was taught concerning all of this. I only know what I was given because of the questions I asked. PR]

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  3. rustyshackleford82 says:

    What are 3rd estate perdition? [2nd Estate who have made dark oaths to Satan and descended to their 3rd estate after receiving the baptism of Darkness. PR]

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  4. Sandy Skinner says:

    PR, can you provide more explanation on the middle circle immediately surrounding the House of Israel in the Hierarchies of Angels diagram? I would like to know more about these and their relation to the House of Israel. Thank you !


  5. Sandy Skinner says:

    I need to be a bit more specific with the question i just posted. Specifically i was wondering about the angels of animal creation and planetary creation. I don’t remember reading much about them in your books. Thank you for any insights you may share. [All the angels of God have opportunities to participate in the creation, and bringing forth of the animals. They are also able to assist the planets in bringing forth the trees and plants when the time comes for a planet to awaken. Both of these are an integral part of the Everlasting Covenant and they affect all of God’s children. Not much more can be said. They include every estate above the third. PR]

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  6. Luodi Grover says:

    [I don’t know what Joseph was taught concerning all of this. I only know what I was given because of the questions I asked. PR]
    How do we (I) formulate questions?
    Can we ask questions that are too far advanced (ahead) of our present place on our covenant path…thus we are not answered? [This is a good question. We are encouraged to ask all questions, but some are not given until we have reached a level of spiritual maturity. The “mysteries” are only given in the presence of the Lord and forbidden to share. Some things are given only according to our faith, which requires us to be in the Spirit, and ask according to what we are impressed upon to ask. There is a difference between “real intent” and curiosity. Those who seek answers out of love and a desire to know and serve the Lord are more likely to receive than those who simply want to feed their curiosity. This blog contains many questions and answers given to me, and permitted to share in this platform. However, its purpose is not to convince, but to encourage others to seek Him in faith that they too may receive. PR]

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  7. tekoraa says:

    Question. This is off on a tangent and isn’t related to this post.

    I’m curious as to the meaning behind Moses 7:22. You mention in your books that the mark of Cain was not black skin. What is the significance of the word “black” in this verse? [The word “black” represented their spiritual depravity. PR]

    22 And Enoch also beheld the residue of the people which were the sons of Adam; and they were a mixture of all the seed of Adam save it was the seed of Cain, for the seed of Cain were black, and had not place among them.

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  8. Pr, thank you! And glory to the Lord!👍
    It is said that the earth goes around the shinehah( our sun). How possible that is, while the sun belong to a different level in the basic structure of father’s dominion? [The sun is a fifth estate being which has condescended from the celestial realm in the order of the Everlasting Covenant. Each planetary body orbits around a body of greater glory. This is the order of the Gods. PR]

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  9. Dane Allred says:

    I was studying the hierarchies of angles diagram this morning and thinking about this – “The house of Israel are the new creations of God who come to this earth as 2nd estate after having made the Everlasting Covenant in their 1st estate”. Question, are their any of these new first time 2nd estate beings that have not made the Everlasting Covenant? Or is that a requirement to advance and come to an earth as a 2nd estate being? [Every single one of the first estate that come to this earth for the first time have made the Everlasting Covenant to the Father. They are the House of Israel. PR]

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  10. russamutteret says:

    Enjoy reading and learning from your posts. Any idea when you will post again? [Soon. PR]

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  11. russamutteret says:

    I am just wondering if you are able to tell us anything about the Coronavirus. Thank you. [As deadly as it is, it is not the final plague that will ravish America and much of the world. PR]

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  12. russamutteret says:

    Thank you for the clarity.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Does the diagram of spiritual kingdoms literally correspond to the earth’s structure? I.e., is Deluvium and Satan’s throne supposed to be in the innermost central part of the earth? [Yes, the diagram is the concept. PR] I’ve believed for a long time that the earth has an inner sun, which some say is the throne of Jehovah. [edit] [I don’t allow references to other people, institutions, or links. PR]


  14. russamutteret says:

    Is the coronavirus the start of the tribulations? Are you working on your new book? We are all looking forward to learning more. Thank you. [It is not part of the tribulation, but more like a call to repentance leading up to the greater events. PR]

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  15. rustyshackleford82 says:

    How many of the worlds religions are run by sons of perdition?
    Or answer to institutions run by sons of perdition? [I don’t know that. PR]


  16. Nate says:

    Are there multiple universes? [There is no end. PR]

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  17. #About Order of Heavens.
    Is the basic structure of the Father’s Dominion talked about a Galaxy or is about the Universe ? [The structure is essentially the same, just a larger scale. PR]

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  18. For longtime the Abraham Facsimile #2, was à mystrie to me. Thank for putting light bit by bit on it! Till we get the all of it by Christ.

    Is the Facsimile #2 About the Universe or a Galaxy ? [I have not asked the Lord about the meaning of those facsimiles. PR]

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  19. FireWalk.7 says:

    The Order of the Heavens says “Different universes lay one upon another like pancakes, ascending to more glory and descending to more darkness”… does this mean there is a universe comprised of only light above ours? And one of only darkness/outer darkness beneath our universe?…. when I say our universe, I mean the Throne and Garden planet as well. [More like dominions that are older and wider in their expanse. Those “pancakes” for lack of a better word, grow larger as they extend. PR]

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  20. SoGrtful says:

    Given “(our) sun is a fifth estate planet which has condescended from the celestial realm in the order of the Everlasting Covenant,” and our earth is on that path as well, does that necessarily mean these planetary objects grow in size as they progress along? Of course science teaches us that mass is the criteria of rotation, as it were, and naturally says nothing about glory. [I’m not sure how to answer that. I know our glorified spirits are larger than our physical bodies, so maybe there is something to that. PR]

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