It’s Just the Beginning

I once knew a person who had a special experience with the Lord, they heard His voice, saw Him standing near them, but they could not see past the light surrounding Him. They were so disappointed they could not see His face. The vision was very powerful, filled with great light and love and was an anchor to their testimony. They knew it was real, but asked, “Why could I not see Him?” I responded, “Did you ask to hold His hand?”

Often the Lord gives us spiritual witnesses in degrees according to our faith. But, what does that mean? How much faith is required? Am I not doing all that is asked? The definition I use for “great faith” is seeking revelation and acting upon it. We go through a process of ascending one hill at a time until we reach the summit.

Are you seeking to know Him, and love Him to a greater degree than ever before? What are your motives? Is it to be His servant or to gratify a curiosity? Are you patient in this journey trusting in Him? You know, most will give up and needlessly wait until the next life before they come to Him. What are you doing now to prepare to meet Him?

The Lord has taught us His Gospel, which we refer to as the Doctrine of Christ. He has described to us the path that leads to Eternal Life. We read in the Book of Mormon about this path as it is described by many of the prophets and then given to us in great detail in 3 Nephi, chapters 11-12.

But then, as we grow in our faith we seek to know Him more intimately, and the promise is that we shall find Him.

The first time I went beyond the vision and had the full experience with my Lord it was overwhelming, yet profoundly gentle. As I approached Him I did not walk up and face Him directly. I came and bowed myself down and held His hands, I touched His feet, and then I rose up and embraced Him. I looked toward his face and saw the side of it. He was taller than me. He had a soft smile. I then stood before Him in all His radiance! It was a gradual progression of intimacy. This has been the process from the beginning. We grow in the relationship, line upon line, until we can know Him, and ask our questions, and receive the needed blessings. This is the destiny of every person who will receive Eternal Life, and then it feels like its just the beginning!

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13 Responses to It’s Just the Beginning

  1. Myrsmakeup says:

    My heart is bursting with love, gratitude, thankfulness, and every other uplifting emotion. I don’t even know you yet I LOVE you and your desire to witness and share your experience as it has had a PROFOUND impact in my personal life leading me to really seek the Lord. Not in a superficial curious way but really putting my faith in action. Trusting the process. I am humbled at how much the Lord has blessed my mind with things I never knew could be experienced in mortality. If not for your guidance, I would not understand MANY aspects of the Doctrines of Christ yet they are imperative for growth. Thank you

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  2. John Crane says:

    I second Myrsmakeup. This post brought me to my knees. I felt bathed in light, as the Lord impressed upon me that His greatest joy is to make us just like Him. If we are anything at all like Him, we will love Him and and want to bring Him joy as He brings us joy. He will work with us, individually. Trust Him to do His work. And we will become even more like Him. If you are wondering about your motives, lose yourself in seeking His glory. He’s all in for us. Knowing that will make us all in for Him.

    When you love the Lord, you love the things that he loves. I love the Lord. I love His servants. I love His work: all of it.

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  3. J B says:

    The process you describe is how my ascension has been . I’ve yet to touch him but I have seen his face. I desire and anticipate with joy and love the greater intimacy / light and goodness! As always grateful for your witness and encouragement which motivates belief… 🙂

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  4. Karla says:

    I’ve been there, wanting to give up, doubting, but I can’t give up, and I realized that this is my life until I died, to seek Him, to give Him my heart, and to do the things He teaches me to do, I love Him and I’m with Him on this journey for good, because I can’t exist any other way.

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  5. Myrsmakeup says:

    PR- we have surely been missing you! I would love to hear any words of wisdom you have at this trying time in this world. Will you please share your thoughts with us??
    [I have been instructed to not post for now, but I can answer some questions. Things will eventually ease up. This is not the collapse, but a time to prepare for future difficulties. The best thing anyone can do at this time is focus on their relationship with the Lord. PR]

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  6. rustyshackleford82 says:

    When Zion begins to be established, will it be known by the world, or will it be secret [It will not be known at first. PR]

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  7. Casey Lee says:

    “Are you seeking to know Him, and love Him to a greater degree than ever before? What are your motives? Is it to be His servant or to gratify a curiosity?”

    This is a great question.

    Many of the questions I ask stem simply for a desire to know Him — to see Him a He is and love Him as He is. I want to give Him that.

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  8. kntvd says:

    When will your wife come out with her book? I look forward to reading it. [It is not a book. She will be posting parts of her journal on this blog in the future. I can’t say how soon. PR]

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  9. Nathan Wilder says:

    I noticed that this last post in January before the break was titled “It’s Just the Beginning.” This was posted just before the world seemed to go mad. Any chance that title had a dual meeting? 😉 [It was a reference to after you have your Second Comforter it is just the beginning of your journey. PR]

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  10. I am anxiously awaiting your wife’s journal writings. Any idea on when they will be available? [It looks like a couple of weeks. They will be posted a little at a time. She has much to share, and it won’t be all at once. Her experiences will give a second witness to mine, and have a feminine perspective that the Sisters will appreciate. PR]

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  11. Karla says:

    What a year PR! Did you see this coming?Pandemic, riots, and what’s happened with Chad Daybell. Sometimes it feels like there is a glitch in this realm. You said that this is not the collapse, and I’ve heard some say this is the 30 minutes of silence before the collapse, a time to prepare, and to listen. What do you say?
    Mother Earth is like the woman in travail, and is taking a deep breath. Thank you for your love. [It is not the half hour of silence mentioned in the Book of Revelation. That is something all together different. This is more like the birthing pains as they ebb and flow leading up to the more difficult moment. PR]

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  12. Karla says:

    The more difficult moments being the collapsing of our nation and society? I keep hearing people saying everything will go back to normal soon, but we’re like on pause, waiting to see what’s next, normal or more of the same or worse? You say things will ease up, I think they started to ease up in a way, but with the elections coming up don’t you think it will pick up again?.
    One thing I’m seeing is the more Christ is in my life the less I fear. I do experience sadness though for those suffering, and and I pray for strength when more suffering comes. [I’m speaking collectively as a country. There are always hotspots in the nation and the world where it seems it could get no worse. Things are pretty bad right now and will ebb and flow for a while before the gates of Hell are released. How long that is I do not know. PR]

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  13. Luodi Grover says:

    Referring this topic above-When Zion begins to be established, will it be known by the world, or will it be secret [It will not be known at first. PR]When Zion begins to be established, will it be known by the world, or will it be secret [It will not be known at first. PR]

    Will First Zion be led/organized by current LDS leadership? [No, not by any organized institution. PR]

    Will you have a role in that organization? [I don’t know the full details of that. PR]

    I’m in Southern Utah…will FZ be close by? [I am not permitted to say. PR]

    I realize these are very specific questions, but I feel a calling toward FZ in a very intense and personal way.
    Thank you PR for your light and caring love. You not posting has helped me realize I must Seek more diligently for my Savior’s answers. I recognize I have been a bit lazy and apathetic since receiving such powerful gifts from Him!

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