My Wife’s New Blog

My first post in six months!

I haven’t added any posts to this blog for a long time because I have been instructed to hold back for the time being. My dear wife has been reviewing her journals and prayerfully selecting what she feels prompted to share. Because of her time constraints, her ability to post frequently and answer questions is limited. She uses the acronym DOZ, which is short for Daughter of Zion. Her blog is called “Created to Belong,” which she received by personal revelation.

Her first post is a kind of introduction to the blog, but like me she will say little about personal details and focus on the journey and experiences that have helped her find the Lord. Having the feminine view of a walk with God will be valuable to many of the sisters.

I am truly blessed to have her as my wife and her support has made a great difference in coming to the know the Lord for me.

Go to this link and follow her page:

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13 Responses to My Wife’s New Blog

  1. kntvd says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Please tell your wife thank you! I am anxious to read all she has to share!

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  2. truthseeker1820 says:

    Yay! Excited to hear what she has to say! God bless you both.

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  3. daniel Dylan says:

    So excited to read her blog. I really appreciate her sharing her experiences. Thank you so much DOZ and PR. 🙂


  4. Myrsmakeup says:

    No words will ever express the gratitude in my heart for you and your wife. I’m crying tears of joy already….Much love to u both.M

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  5. truthseeker1820 says:

    A question: will her blog have comments like this one does? I noticed on her first article (which is wonderful, BTW) there is no comments section. I totally understand if she doesn’t prefer to have a comments section if she’s too busy. I’d be too busy for a comments section myself! Whatever she wants is fine of course. I’m just curious. Thanks! [She decided it was best not to have comments simply because she doesn’t have time to read and monitor them. She sees the time involved just watching me. Even emails will be difficult, but she’ll try her best. She tried to set the expectation in her “About Me” page to not expect responses from emails. PR]


  6. Nate says:

    Will any of her entries or compilation(book) of entries be posted on your blog? [We are not planning on doing that. PR]


  7. S Silver says:

    Thank you! It will be wonderful to meet “Mrs. PR” (DoZ) and learn from her experiences!

    Sincerely, thank you for all you have shared and all you both will yet share.

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  8. daniel Dylan says:

    Your wife’s vision of the grain of sand , the Savior and the ocean was one of the most beautiful, touching experiences I have ever read. Please thank your wife and tell her how much it encouraged me to press forward to have my own sacred experience with the Lord. It’s been such a difficult time these last few months for me and all that’s going on in my life. Your wife’s blog uplifted my soul. And I dearly needed it !

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  9. Nate says:

    Will Daughters of Zion ever be comoiled into a book format? [I don’t know. PR]


  10. yapopipo says:

    Merci a vous et votre Femme !


  11. russamutteret says:

    I watched a video by [Edit]. The YouTube video is a timeline on the Savior’s return. If you have seen it, just wondering what you think about it. Thank you. [I have not seen it, but I do not allow any references to names, institutions, or links on the blog. Thank you.]

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  12. kntvd says:

    PR- I couldn’t find anywhere on your wife’s blog to make a comment. Please give her a BIG HUG and thank you from me. Her post today was something I needed to hear. She was definitely inspired to share it. THANK YOU!!! [I will tell her. PR]

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  13. Nathan Wilder says:

    PR, I need to thank your wife as well. I have been wrestling with a particular issue and received some revelation on it today. I read your wife’s post and it served as an exactly perfect second witness of what the Lord shared with me. Thank you to both of you.

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