Filling in the Gaps

The Lord has told me to return to my journal and read through all the experiences I’ve had since my Second Comforter to ask more questions, to fill in the gaps, so that I can learn more. He said there was far more to learn than what I am asking, that I need to seek. Therefore, I have written down questions and come to the Lord today anxious to see what He will show me. This is the first of that experience. (I was instructed that I could share some of it here. Please do not share unless you feel impressed to do so privately.)

I began my prayer expressing my love and desire to learn, to ask questions, and to be made clean. These were my intentions. I followed this by asking Him humbly, “Wilt thou forgive me of my sins, anything I’ve done that is harmful to my spirit?” I waited a few seconds and heard the words gently in my mind, “Yes, thou art forgiven.” That is usually what I hear. It is unmistakably Him. I always feel grateful, yet embarrassed. I have to be fully clean to be in His presence, so I wonder how possible it is to really remain fully clean after going about my week in this crazy world. My sins aren’t as heavy as others, yet, a sin is a sin. A cruel thought, a harsh judgment of another, impatience, anger, frustration, impure thoughts (though usually placed there by a bad spirit). I know what the weakness of my flesh is, and what is being thrown at me from the adversary. However, I know that the Lord is there for me and will make me clean, always.

I asked Him to pour His light and love over me and saw what almost resembles heavy water flowing down over my body, starting from my head. I was washed from head to toe. I heard what sounds like rushing waters, and the brilliance was brighter than the sun at noon day. I said, “Lord, am I clean?” “Yes,” was the answer I heard succinctly in my mind.

I feel so blessed and fortunate that the Lord is willing to do this for me. I feel unworthy, yet I know I am worth it to Him. I have confidence in Him!

I begin to praise Him as I sit on my closet floor. I express gratitude and love, thinking of names to describe His role in my life and my family. I’m not looking for fancy words or phrases. I just express what I feel. Before I realize I am praying in tongues, which is harmonic sounds to a cadence. I’m not concerned with how I sound. I feel the words and express them with emotion. I know they mean something, yet I do not know what, nor do I care, because I only focus upon my love and adoration for Him!

As the Spirit begins to build it gets to a spot where I feel ready. I ask, “Lord, may I come to thee?” I hear Him say, “Yes, come forth!” The portal opens. I see it in my eyes, and they are open, yet I do not see the closet space. I have reached beyond this mortal place. I go toward the large voluminous twisting vortex of a kind. It is filled with light. I move with great speed, beyond what I can comprehend, toward a place where God dwells.

I arrive with a burst of light and sound, almost more that the eye can bear, yet I am ready for it and do not hesitate or withdraw. I know where I am, because I have been here before.

An angel of the Most-High, the Cherub who guards the gate greets me and ushers me forward. I see the great hall, yet that seems the wrong word. It is an eternal assembly of angels facing the Throne of Heaven. I see men on my left and women on my right facing toward the great Lord of Lords seated upon His Throne in the distance. I see the vast galaxy above, with its arms of light spreading out. The Throne appears almost a hundred yards away. I am there in an instant. I am kneeling before His great Throne chair, which brilliance and detail is as I’ve described before. He steps forward and lifts me up, we embrace, and I ask to go to my Garden, where we have spoken so many times.

Standing in the Garden He is glorious, dressed in white, His face smooth as powder, His hair perfectly combed back, reddish brown. His eyes are clear and filled with color and love. It’s hard to express in detail the glory you feel in His presence. The love is gentle and accepting, so eager to be with me and answer my questions. I feel so small, yet so loved!

I look around at my surroundings for a moment. The golden foliage, the rich hues of the fragrant flowers along the path. Everything so bright, rich, colorful, comfortable, and familiar. I focus upon Him, holding His arm as I begin to ask my questions.

These questions were organized from my first visits with the Lord that I wanted clarity:

Is expressing love and desire to be close to the you a prerequisite to opening that door? He said: Your heart must be prepared to come to me. If your intent is anything but love and desire to know and serve, you will not be able to connect sufficiently to come here.

What happens when we bathe ourselves in light: our food, our water, our shower, in the light? How does this affect us? He said: As you continually fill yourself with light throughout the day, you are capable of receiving the gifts of the Spirit more readily, to offer healing to others as guided, whether to their knowledge or not. You become a beacon of light that cannot be hid, and you can do much. [Edit]

I asked about the rooms in the sky. The clear room that I have visited before. How many such rooms are there above the earth? He said twelve. How do they operate? They are places where God’s servants are taken to be shown great things pertaining to their mission and prepare them for future blessings. How often do people go there? Not too often. Are they the gate to the Second Heaven? No, there is not a gate like there is to the Throne. It’s just that certain spirits are confined to the First Heaven and others are permitted to go beyond. Only the fourth estate visit these rooms. They are created by faith, through the light of creation to serve a purpose. They exist in the Heavenly Realm, so they cannot be seen or experienced with the natural eye. I asked why there was a desk in this room and an entrance. He said that the desk is for signing special documents related to assignments relative to the principalities.  He said that not all the twelve rooms look exactly the same, but they are similar. He said that the First Heaven extends to about where the blue light of the earth ends as it enters the atmosphere. When in the clear room you are looking down from the edge of the Second Heaven. This was new to me.

Can we speak while moving our mouths in this realm, or only this way? Do most speak without moving their mouths here? When I asked this the Lord began to speak with His mouth. My focus instantly went to His mouth and he said, “Do you see how your attention is now distracted? It is not necessary here to do that. Communication is more clear otherwise, and usually we only open our mouths to sing or to emphasize a spoken edict.”

What is the meaning of the crescent moon in my first vision? What is the meaning of the blood moon? The Lord said that when radical Islam has spread across the Middle East and Europe it will bring great blood and horror upon many people as the Kingdom of the Beast rises in its full wrath upon the earth.

Is the huge meteor of my vision the “Wormwood” spoken by John in Revelation? Yes, and it will bring great destruction and plague upon the earth before my coming.

What was the garment of light that was thrown over me the first time I came to the Throne? It is a shield of comfort made of light and color, which calms the spirit. It was no longer necessary after you had come again and become accustomed to the change of the light and power of this realm.

Why do the angels sing in harmonic tones? What does that do? It helps them to connect to me upon my Throne. It also helps to not be distracted by those around them. There is a frequency of tone and light that must be reached for the full experience. Each of these 3rd estate souls are taught and prepared for what will come in the future as they prepare to be called and chosen to become 4th estate.

What is the spinning galaxy above the Throne? It is the galaxy in which you exist, in a real time, actual visual, where all things are made known. I the Lord see what is before me always, and the heavens are laid open all around. You cannot see but it is below you and on both sides as well. It is beautiful and mighty to see the creations of the Father, and all glory is to Him.

The Lord showed me that there were innumerable worlds He created through the Father, and all will someday have a destiny like this earth if they fill the measure of their creation.

Why is the Adversary allowed to come to the Throne and not some lower sphere? Does this not create an unclean environment? The Lord said that dark beings are allowed to come under the direction of the Shahophalim, [Edit] These dark spirits are in a shield of sorts, that only allows the Lord to interact with them. They are as relieved to leave as you are to see them go, but they have no effect upon the light and glory of this place.

What is the water in the Garden? He said it was not water like the element we think of, yet it is the same feeling of water and creates a sense of place for creatures that abide in it. It can also be drunk like water and bring the same sense of refreshment and life that you feel in mortality, yet with more purity and satisfaction.

Lord, what were the words spoken between you and me during my first experience with you that I could not remember? [Edit] It was a beautiful moment between us. I think I was so emotional I couldn’t remember when I first wrote the experience.

What is an archangel exactly? The Lord said that among the 200 Great Ones are the Holy family, [Edit] they played a key role in organizing the House of Israel and the work required to save them in the House of our Father.

Is the Father’s Throne above Jesus’ Throne? Did I pass through a veil or another gate? The Lord said that it is a separate place above Kholo, right between the center of all creation and the gate to the [Edit]. Going there is like stepping through a door.

What did the Father say that I can’t remember? You will need to ask Him.

Does the Sacrament more fully prepare me to come to the Lord? The Sacrament contains the promises that you are doing to repent and have light poured upon you that you may be holy. You could come without it, but it is a good preface for your interaction with the Lord.

Should I still memorize my favorite Psalms? The Lord said that they are beautiful, and I could do that, or I could just write my own. They are helpful in fighting the Adversary and praising to add light and glory.

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33 Responses to Filling in the Gaps

  1. Mike Ross says:

    It is so strange to me that the dark spirits that must report to the Lord about people they have to testify against are so uncomfortable. Wouldn’t they want to change or repent so they could become clean?

    I mean, they are right there in His presence. Why do they have the ability to be before the Lord, not even wanting to be there, but we who want it badly struggle so much to get there? [They are there to accuse the Lord’s anointed for the purpose of afflicting a test upon them. They can only do this with divine permission, and it is the way it is done. Although the success of their test is usually negative, the effects and fallout upon others is often a win for the Adversary and worth the effort. PR]

    I have so many questions. Thank you. Very provoking!

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  2. John Crane says:

    You mentioned that the Adversary still comes to the Throne, where he accuses us day and night. In Revelations 12 (your inspired translation).:

    7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the
    dragon fought and his angels, (Zion overcomes and Satan is banished.)
    8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. (Satan can no
    longer come to accuse the Sons of Light at the Throne of Heaven.)
    9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which
    deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with
    him. (They are bound within the Telestial Kingdom.)
    10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the
    kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast
    down, which accused them before our God day and night.

    We were taught in church that this war in heaven took place before we came to the earth, and if that is true, then this incident in Revelations 12 would be a flashback. But, according to this post and your book about the Heavenly Realm, Satan in still in heaven, and it appears that this war is a future event, and this “spiritual wickedness” still is “in high places” for the time being, and while those who follow Satan are on the earth, Satan himself (and perhaps his top lieutenants?) are still in the heavenly realms? I feel that this is the correct interpretation, but I wanted to check with you to see if I was understanding it right. Thanks for all you do! [The “War in Heaven” never ends, as this is part of the cyclical process of the eternities. Satan himself and many of his angels are indeed banned from going there when the Lord comes in His glory. This particular chapter in Revelation is referring to the relationship between the Adversary and the Heavenly Host and why they make war upon the children of God. PR]

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  3. elethu xapa says:

    Greetings sir I hope this finds you well My name is Elethu I live in South Africa sir I desire to be on duty for the Lord but I’m struggling to get ahold of him becoz of serious sin I desire to see him and be with him but I can’t really hear his voice can you please ask the Lord on my behalf when you meet if what should I do I beleive he knows me please


  4. Luodi Grover says:

    I rejoiced to read and ponder your message. My Holy time this morning was clearer because of it!

    I recognize great power in this day of feasts! And, this really does fill in the gaps for me…thank you 😇.

    Will you please reference your favorite psalms. (3)

    Question: Per the Lord’s creations, does the power in those creations extend upward to Great Jejovah and Eternal Father? [Yes. PR]


  5. gkawalker says:

    Good morning PR,
    Thank you for sharing this post. I appreciate your insights. This prayer seems to be directed specifically to our Lord Jesus Christ, the second comforter. I grew up being taught to always pray to Heavenly Father. Is this a false tradition? It would make sense that if you want speak with Christ that you’d pray to him—just very foreign to LDS. Can you give insight as to when you pray to Christ vs Heavenly Father? [After one is born again in the Spirit, they pray directly to the Lord, who has begotten them. There are times when the Spirit may direct you to pray unto the Father as well. The Spirit will guide you as to what is appropriate. PR]


  6. FireWalk.7 says:

    “What is an archangel exactly? The Lord said that among the 200 Great Ones are the Holy family”

    What is the Holy family exactly? [These are those that are closest to the Lord in purpose and life. That is really all I can say on the matter. PR]

    You were also told there are 12 couples who act as head Archangels over the 200. Are there three more couples above them, making 15? 15 seems to be the number Joseph Smith used when organizing the church, Satan also has 15 rulers as a dark mirror image. [Twelve couples, Jesus, His councilors, and their wives. So, I suppose their are 15, but there are also other administering councils, etc. I don’t really pay attention to all that. PR]


  7. S Silver says:

    “What happens when we bathe ourselves in light: our food, our water, our shower, in the light?”

    How do you do this?
    Do you ask the Lord to bathe ourselves, our food, our water and our homes in the light?
    [Its like when you pray over your meal, but you ask the Lord to bless it that it is bathed in light and glory. I don’t do it in my public prayers, just to myself. This is something the Lord taught me a few months before my first Second Comforter experience. I would see the light coming over the object blessed. It took time. I talk about it a little in my book How to Open Your Spiritual Eyes. PR]

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  8. FireWalk.7 says:

    Does the Second Heaven include our solar system’s sun? [Yes. PR]

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  9. FireWalk.7 says:

    When you say the Lord’s anointed do you mean 4th E? [Yes. But technically this phrase could be used for those who are 3rd estate, but I’m referring to the 4th. PR]


  10. FireWalk.7 says:

    Can the adversary propose an affliction test in heaven, before a 4th has their GoHg? Or only after?… You have written that when a 4th has their GofHg, the they are marked as a 4th so the adversary knows who they are. [It comes after. PR]


  11. FireWalk.7 says:

    “Is the huge meteor of my vision the “Wormwood” spoken by John in Revelation? Yes, and it will bring great destruction and plague upon the earth before my coming.”

    Between the time that America collapses and Wormwood hits the northern hemisphere, will there be a different plague? [There will be many plagues before it comes, but the most devestating will come after the Wormwood. PR]


  12. FireWalk.7 says:

    Why are there 12 different rooms above the earth? What does each correspond with? [They correspond to geographical areas and other things I am not sure. PR]


  13. S Silver says:

    From a comment above: “There will be many plagues before it comes, but the most devestating will come after the Wormwood.”

    Are the plagues that come before Wormwood types of plagues that are naturally occurring in nature or are they man-made? Are some perhaps weaponized plagues? [Mostly man made before. PR]

    Are the majority of the plagues before Wormwood hits world-wide pandemics or are they more regional that only affect some areas with one plague and some areas with another plague? [There will be many different kinds of plagues in various regions before the big one. PR]


  14. Myrsmakeup says:

    Thank you once again for sharing your tender mercies with us. I absolutely love how the Lord confirms through you some of my own questions. Regarding the harmonic tones, your description is my answer to the words given to me!! “ HEAR HYMN” Love Love Love!!!

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  15. tekoraa says:

    When you refer to “the Father” and “the Lord”, are you speaking of the Eternal Father? Or the Great Jehovah? Christ? Or someone else?

    Are you allowed to divulge this? [There are many Fathers. I refer to my Lord Jesus Christ as Father often. But there are more. I usually am referring to Jesus. When I say “The Father” I am referring to Heavenly Father as we are familiar. PR]

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  16. How often do you visit the Heavenly Realm? Is it a multiple times a week thing? A few times per month? Once a quarter? [Not enough. PR]

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  17. Can you explain how the light works? When we ask to be bathed in light and ask for our food and drink to be bathed in light, does this light become a part of us? Does it remove darkness from us? Or does it have temporary or permanent place in our souls? [When we pray over our food, water, shower, whatever it is, and ask that the Lord bless it with light we exercise faith. That requires us to ask, then to focus open it until we can sense or even see the light infusing it. It is like a small baptism of fire, of sorts, as it removes any darkness or who knows from the place. The Lord had me start doing this a few months before my Second Comforter and it has been a good thing for me. I was simply asking for some clarification and included that in this post. PR]

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  18. Rulgalg says:

    You said, “There is a frequency of tone and light that must be reached for the full experience.”

    Can you speak more about the frequencies of tone & light? Did you learn what specific tonal & light frequency(ies) help a person align with God? [I couldn’t tell you the science or exact frequency. It is given via the Spirit. I know that it was a higher pitch and would change and not always remain the same. PR]

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  19. When a shield of light or armor of light is put over us, over a house or something else, does it last for 24 hours? Or more? or less? [Usually, it does not last that long. They are temporary. PR]

    Beside sin, what (A cruel thought, a harsh judgment of another, impatience, anger, frustration, impure thoughts etc) can weakened a shield of light? [Any kind of lack of faith can weaken the sheild. The greatest sheild of all is the light of Christ reflected in you. PR]

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  20. John Crane says:

    If I may offer a response to Rulgalg, the principle of bathing in the light and increasing your light is a true principle. I learned about it from reading “How to Open Your Spiritual Eyes”. I needed to read that book three times and take notes before I finally “got it”, but I got it. It is a real thing. Aligning with God is like tuning in to a frequency, but you don’t just tune into a frequency by willing it to happen. It happens indirectly as a byproduct of something else: praise and gratitude. PR teaches this, but King David knew this long ago: “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” (Ps 100:4) In other words: “Praise and gratitude are the keys which create the frequencies that you need in order to align with God.”

    But this is not the only thing. First, you must be clean. “Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. (Ps 24:3-4)

    David is talking in these verses about entering into the Presence of the Lord. He understood the principles that PR teaches about “Powerful Prayer”. And, I am not just quoting scripture or PR. I have done the “experiment in faith”, and I know these things for myself.

    I thank and praise the Lord that He has revealed himself throughout the ages; He wants to reveal Himself to you and me; He shows us how; and He keeps His promises.

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  21. Mike Ross says:

    Regarding wormwood and plagues,

    [There will be many plagues before it comes, but the most devestating will come after the Wormwood. PR]

    “Many plagues”… if the covid plagues has been here over a year then many plagues means many years until Wormwood? [I’m not sure how many years, but there will be many plagues before the final plaque and some will be far worse than COVID, yet will fee like they are connected. PR]

    Or could the many plagues mean many plagues going off at the same time?

    When the meteor falls to earth will we better understand why it is called wormword, like it will make sense finally or are we calling it wormwood because the Bible uses that term for reasons we won’t understand? [Wormwood is an ancient word connected with sickness and death. PR]

    And covid: would you say today’s Covid is small in terms of scale and devastation compared to what is coming PRIOR to wormwood plagues? [Definitely. PR]

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  22. Mike Ross says:

    What if you have an unclean thought when you are with Him? Has that ever happened or is that just unthinkable or is there help available to you (that garment of light helps?) So that does not happen…

    Or is that one of the metrics, you will not experience Him face to face if you cannot be sure your thoughts won’t derail you? [I have never noticed an unclean thought after being enveloped in the light. I think it sheilds the adversary. PR]

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  23. FireWalk.7 says:

    The plagues worst than covid that are coming, will these happen before or after America collapses? [Both.PR]


  24. Luodi Grover says:

    “I focus upon Him, holding His arm as I begin to ask my questions”
    Which side of him are you on as you hold his arm? [He is to my right shoulder. PR]

    Is is there an unwritten word or rule of which side he prefers that you be on? [Not that I am aware. PR]

    PR, Thank you for the detail in your sacred But simple preparations to go to him.
    This helps me so much!!


  25. FireWalk.7 says:

    Will it be important for most of us to know temporal survival basics for the times ahead? Self defense, how to hunt and use a firearm, purify water, make a fire without matches , identify edible pants in the wild, garden, etc. [It’s good for anybody to know those things, but that will have a bearing different for each depending upon where you live. You would need to receive revelation as to what is needed for you. PR]


  26. FireWalk.7 says:

    Is there still time to prepare?… and is the time to get a career and schooling established over? That’s what a number of people have been saying lately. [I would plan my life as if I’m going to retire, grow old and die. I don’t know the Lord’s timing exactly, just the signs to look for. I am personally preparing with the frame of mind that it is soon, but I’m not going to put my life on hold either. PR]

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  27. SIE ERIC says:

    for some months, I decided to get closer to the Lord, I even made 40 days of fasting to prepare myself to have an experience with the Lord. things got more complicated for me. despite my pleas, nothing changes, it becomes even worse. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. however I know that one does not have revelation while being stressed. despite having taken the lord things are going from bad to worse. and it makes me sad because i know the lord is able to help me. I trust him. But he does nothing to allow me to get closer to him. what can I do. I really want to connect to him [The journey to find the Lord is not an easy one. The Adversary will try to discourage you in the quest. Do not set a timeframe for this effort. It took Abraham most of his life to find the Lord, as was Moses, and many of the great prophets. I’ve seen people progress quickly and others not. Often there is a timing issue involved. My journey took almost 30 years. Be patient and believe. PR]

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  28. jwdfamily3 says:

    How does one protect against plagues? [Spiritually, all you can do is seek revelation for what the Lord would have you do. In that, there is an endless number of solutions. PR]

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  29. Myrsmakeup says:

    When the meteor falls to earth will we better understand why it is called wormword, like it will make sense finally or are we calling it wormwood because the Bible uses that term for reasons we won’t understand? [Wormwood is an ancient word connected with sickness and death. PR]

    And covid: would you say today’s Covid is small in terms of scale and devastation compared to what is coming PRIOR to wormwood plagues? [Definitely. PR]

    HI PR- When the “meteor” is spoken about, could it be possible it is more like a servant of Satan who has a specific purpose? Not an actual meteor but some kind of “principality or dominion? ” For instance , Enoch knew the fallen sons who were taught many various scientific formulas, arts, sciences….Pharmakios specifically taught the scientific formulas of various plants, herbs, etc. We now call it Pharmaceuticals. My heart tells me CovID was manufactured and the next variants will eventually lead to this wormwood plague. Any feedback or thoughts? Miss your posts! M [Wormwood is the descriptive word John chose for the catastrophe associated with the astroid impact on earth. It is not a word he used for any individual that would be a part of the last days events. He spoke of the antichrist, the false prophet, and the servant of the Beast who are specific individuals. PR]

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  30. Karla says:

    The Archangels are Christ’s inner circle, are they part of the great council? [Yes. Pr] Or the Elohim? [The Elohim are the great ones from before the foundation of the world, yes. PR] Are the 200 some kind of lesser Elohims? [Just by calling. All the fourth estate are exalted beings who condescend to save souls. PR]
    What heaven is in the sun? [2nd Heaven. PR]

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  31. Karla says:

    The Archangel Michael or Adam, as it’s written in D&C 128, is this the branch/house where all the Adam’s come from? Is Michael over the Adam’s and their armies? [The names: Michael, Adam, Elijah, and many others, are titles for different roles they play in the Everlasting Covenant. We are all created in the image of God and eventually, all are born through the seed of Adam and Eve. PR]


  32. sonwarnick says:

    When we hear the words “the Lord’s anointed” we often interpret that to mean the LDS Prophet and Apostles. Who in actuality are the Lord’s anointed? [There are two kinds of “anointed”: Those who have received their gift of the Holy Ghost and are saved in the Lord’s Kingdom as a 3rd Estate. The second, those who received priesthood before the foundation of this world (4th estate), and are responsible to assist in saving the House of Israel. These are often recognized as prophets or important individuals in that process. Having a church calling is no absolute indicator that one is anointed. To know for certain, a person would need to receive personal revelation for themselves. PR]

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  33. sonwarnick says:

    Do you know of any symbolism or meaning in regards to the 5 planet alignment that happened on June 24th? [I have not prayed about that specifically. There are alignments regularly and I believe that all have significance. Usually, the meaning is relevant to which constellation and planets are involved. Sacred Astrology, not the kind the world adheres to, is a holy form of prophecy that is hidden from the world today. The Lord would have to teach a person how, or reveal its meaning to you individually to know. Some of the astrological events signal the work of the Lord, his blessings, or cursings upon this world. PR]


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