Filling the Gaps – Part 2

These are my questions I asked recently to help me fill the gaps of my experience with the Lord. He said to come often and ask. I know some of this is going to be very strange, it is condensed and edited, but hopefully it will help you to formulate question to ask the Lord yourself.

Is it better to sing or pray in tones or in tongues when we seek to bring down the glory? The Lord said that when we are alone it is better to pray in tongues. We can more easily relax. But, when we are in groups it is good to pray in tones so as to not distract those next to us. The Lord said that humming is more difficult because we can’t reach the right octave as easy. I just made the E sound with my mouth open and was able to get the right pitch.

Why do angels sometimes appear gold, like John did? The Lord said that resurrected beings and translated beings appear differently to the spiritual eyes. It has to do with a frequency of light, like a halo. Translated being will always appear as if they are emitting a golden flame, but resurrected beings it is white glory.

Can someone receive the Holy Ghost and not water baptism? What if they received it in the Spirit World and don’t have an opportunity to receive a baptism for the dead? The Lord said that they can receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost before the baptism of water, but all must have the ordinance to progress to Eternal Life. Those who do not receive before death, but choose to receive after, have two options: One, it to receive from their close relatives, which often helps them in the process of making that commitment and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. The second, and more common, is to piggyback on a baptism received by one who has real intent. Sometimes, multiple spirits will take part in a physical baptism of water to make their covenant with the Father and prepare for Eternal Life. Sometimes receiving this opportunity takes a long time if true baptisms are in short supply, but they are much more common now. Every single soul that accepts Christ’s atonement will have the opportunity to move forward in the Everlasting Covenant.

Why was I praising on the right side of the Throne room if that is where the women are? The Lord had my stand and look back toward the Grand Hall where all the angels were praising. It is brilliant white and large, but I noticed it was terraced. I noticed that the gates where angels entered were light blue, not seeing what was beyond. The Lord explained that the immediate level was divided male and female, but on the terraces,  they are not divided the same. It was made known to me that the hall is not some static structure. That it can expand or contract as the Lord desires. It is so bright it doesn’t even feel like a hall, but it is.

Do all have their Second Comforter at the Throne? Why would they be different? The Lord reminded me that my first experience was not at the Throne as we were now. Above the Throne is a place, like an open room where He often will greet those who come. This was my first experience. I didn’t remember any structures at first, just Him. It was here that we first met. He said that others will have experiences in the First Heaven, or even in the environment of where they are on earth. He said that the experience is more limited when it occurs this way but is a “Second Comforter” as they call it none-the-less. This is much different than to have ones Calling and Election Made Sure, which is a blessing and remembrance of their divine mission. This always occurs at the Throne.

How do the stars witness to our lives at the Throne? The Lord said that there are stars that represent each of the 144k of this Dominion. Their place in the Heavens witnesses to the actions of His servants and this is something I will learn about in the future. Nothing happens in random when it comes to the creations of God.

The Lord said that any of the gifts of the Spirit are technically sealing power, but the term is usually meant to be an unhindered degree of His power. This is something that is bestowed upon His servants to fulfill a foreordained mission.

What does it mean “My creation is forever.” When I saw the many planets? The Lord said that There is no end to His creation. This is Eternal Life.

How is a physical planet born? I saw the spiritual birth, right? The way the Lord explained this to me, both in word and vision was so interesting. He said that all things are created spiritual, like a blueprint for the final development of the form, the plan is set, and the tabernacle is given. Every part of the anatomy of the person or animal is in the spirit form, and when it is placed in motion to become physical, unless it is hindered, it will follow that plan. The earth was the same. It was created spiritually and when the great waves of the firmament rushed upon the place of creation the elements began to bind themselves to the spirit and take shape in a similar manner. Like a wave as it rolled together. Many such creations take pace in nebulas and expanding stars throughout the galaxy.

If the Terrestrial Kingdom lies beyond the atmosphere of this earth, why are telestial visitors allowed to come here? The Lord said that the telestial and terrestrial mingle somewhat inside the Telestial region of the God’s dominion along the outside perimeter of the Firmament. The Angels of God abide within the light realm, and the telestial are amongst the physical element. Spirits who make an agreement to come to this earth are bound to it and God’s commandments and edicts regarding it. Other planets are not held to the same rules, but they must abide certain laws of conduct here.

What does helpmeet mean? The Lord said that it implies a companion that is equal to the task. You could say that Eve’s helpmeet was Adam.

Are the planets considered like animals? Do they reproduce? Does Kolob and Koholo have a relationship like male and female? The Lord said that they do not reproduce like animals, but sometimes some of their body is taken to start new worlds. The Lord said that whenever a new world is created, like His children, they are created in pairs, male and female. After they become 4th estate they are paired like Kolob and Koholo and reign in the highest of Heaven. This will occur to Earth at the end of the Millennium when it is exalted.

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14 Responses to Filling the Gaps – Part 2

  1. FireWalk.7 says:

    “The Lord said that they can receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost before the baptism of water, but all must have the ordinance to progress to Eternal Life.”

    Does this mean they don’t partake of the Millennial earth until they receive the water baptism? [All those that abide a Terrestrial glory will have received the baptism of water. PR]

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  2. Richard Bingham says:

    This is now my third time unsubscribing and yet I continue to receive you emails. How can I get off of you list?
    [People subscribe and unsubscribe all the time. At the bottom of the email is a link from WordPress that says, “Unsubscribe.” PR]


  3. FireWalk.7 says:

    When the Lord comes in His glory, where do those with the GofHg go who haven’t received the water baptism? [They stay on this earth and wait for the end of the Millenium. PR]

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  4. S Silver says:

    Thank you for sharing the words of the Lord on how a physical planet is born!

    How does a physical planet die?

    Does the planet’s spirit leave, and the physical body of the planet is left behind in space?

    Are all the planets in our solar system alive or are some ‘dead’ planetary bodies? [It is like a human body when it dies. It dries up and withers. PR]

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  5. Are there inhabitants on Mars, Jupiter, Neptune etc?
    are they human or reptilian or something else? [I do not know about that. PR]


  6. hansensondragmailcom says:

    Thank you for sending the information! I just love it! I appreciate your candidness, as we all need to grow.


  7. John Crane says:

    I learned something new the other day. In keeping with going back and filling in the gaps by asking more questions, the Lord impressed me that in my experiences with Him, I wasn’t digging deeply enough to discern everything that He intended me to learn the first time. He wanted me go back and ponder the experiences He has already given me throughout my life and see them with new eyes of faith. I started doing this, and always true to His word, He is answering more of my unanswered questions that I didn’t have the faith to ask previously. I would encourage all to seek knowledge at His hand, as you did. Thanks for your example and for showing us that it can be done. And praise to the Lord for stooping down to our level to reach us where we are and lead us gently along the path.

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  8. FireWalk.7 says:

    “Every single soul that accepts Christ’s atonement will have the opportunity to move forward in the Everlasting Covenant.”

    Will all have the opportunity before the Lord’s coming in glory?… Or after the Millenium? [Before the Lord’s coming. PR]

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  9. FireWalk.7 says:

    When spirits piggyback on a sincere baptism, do they need the mortal persons permission? [Just the Lord’s permission. PR]

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  10. Rulgalg says:

    “Every single soul that accepts Christ’s atonement will have the opportunity to move forward in the Everlasting Covenant.”

    What does “accepts” mean in this context? Does it mean “believe in” or is it the baptism of Fire? Or something else? Can you expound? [It means to repent, whether in this life or the next. At that point the angels become involved. PR]

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  11. Karla says:

    Do translated beings have this golden glow because they dwell in the second heaven? The Sun. Is gold the glory of the Sun? Is this what gives the power of translation? This glory. When Speaking in tongues what’s happening to our bodies? I feel the Spirit so strong the second I start doing this, and it feels like there is something more happening within. [I don’t know why I saw a golden glow. It was only with a translated being appearing here. In heaven they don’t manifest that. I don’t know why I saw that. The glory of the sun is white. Translation is just another form of resurrection where the body maintains its physical form, but is not limited to its restraints. When we pray in tongues we bring down the glory of God, a baptism of fire, that cleanses our spirit and enables us to commune openly with heaven and manifest its gifts. PR]


  12. SIE ERIC says:

    can you help me to pray in tongues. I really feel the desire to do it but I don’t know how. I don’t know where to start.
    Thank you sir. [ Go to page 91 of this link for my book “A Witness of the Gifts of the Spirit.” PR]


  13. tekoraa says:

    Did the earth give birth to the city of Enoch? [In a manner of speaking. PR]


  14. Anthony says:

    I feel I am learning from the Lord that a main mission of the angels is to literally minister the mind and will of God (the Holy Ghost) to those preparing themselves to enter the gate of receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost themselves. And that once they receive this gift, they become as the angels – third estate… Is this similar to what you’ve seen with the “office of their [the angels’] ministry” (Moroni 7:31)? Do angels themselves play a role in acting as our conscience or as the holy spirit/ light of Christ?

    I see a depiction of this pattern and teaching all throughout the Moses’ tabernacle with the priests (representative of angels), going in and out of the Holy Place and ministering to candidates of salvation who approach the altar… I’m sure there are other applications to this too… Such as how “great and noble ones” condescend to minister to men in the flesh (such as Moses and other prophets who were prepared before the foundation of the world to minister the gospel to men)…

    Is there any correction you would make here? Anything you can expound on? [There are many kinds of angels, and all speak by the power of the Holy Ghost. At times, what we may think are our own thoughts are the messages given to us by angels. PR]

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