A Word

Recently I asked the Lord if there was any particular word He wanted me to think about for 2022. He said, “Remember.”

What does that mean Lord?

He said, “Remember the promises and all that I have told you. When things are difficult you need to trust in me.”

Though I haven’t been writing much lately I have been busy. I am looking forward to the great work the Lord has planned, and I am hopeful that we will be prepared for all that is coming.

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15 Responses to A Word

  1. S Silver says:

    Can promises from the Lord come in the form of dreams? (For example, being shown in a dream that your family is living in a place of refuge but you don’t know the location, how you got there or anything much beyond seeing that your family is safe?) [Yes, they can. If the dream is clear and deeply impressionable, I would ask the Lord it’s meaning to you. PR]

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  2. humblebg says:

    Thank you PR for your mission in helping us to prepare. Thank you dear Lord for this wonderful walk on the way!

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  3. gfletcht says:

    I have been hearing the Lord tell me to trust Him lately, too. Like everything that is coming is all as it is meant to be.

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  4. daniel Dylan says:

    I have missed your postings. Thank you for taking the time to post again. I am very thankful for all I have learned by reading your writings.

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  5. ccstrebe says:

    As I was preparing my HC talk this past week I ran across this very topic multiple times.

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  6. Myrsmakeup says:

    YES!!!! I wrote in my journal ” Remember who you are and WHOSE you are.” The Lord must really need us to remember and rejoice!! Thank you for posting this PR. We miss and love and appreciate you. M

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  7. Kory Brinkerhoff says:

    Howdy! I am replying as a request from the Lord to let you know that your information provides inspirational insights from God to me and others. I have been reading your writings which increase my own beliefs. I am amazed at how many ideas you present I have been doing or thought previously, yet they remind me and inspire more to continue do them and more. I had a personal sacrament which was humbling and amazing with a cleansing which then made the following sabbath day sacrament even more meaningful. I have had the opportunity to have a blessing from my deceased Earthly father and my wife heard her name called in a blessing from one of her ancestors. This past Sunday my wife told me of an inspirational thought she had, which was, about someone was coming to the home and she did not know who or when. I could not sleep this morning and came out to read and say your email. I started to read it and I quickly learned Who was coming. I asked if it would be a visual visit, which it is not, but was then explained what was needed to be done here to get ready for this spiritual visit, which has happened before. Tonight before bed, my wife stated that we need to ask daily what we need to do to get ready for the difficult times ahead. Then I read your post, while she meant physical items and we will still ask for the physical, the truth is we need to ask for the daily spiritual items, which I have been given some. The reason for my email is to let you know your writings are helping me and others and that they are of worth. As mentioned before, my favorite part when reading your writings are all about THE POSSIBILITIES! Thank you, Kory

    Be good to yourself!

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  8. What interpretation may you give of the Blood Moon lunar eclipse of the 15 & 16th of this month ( may 2022) ?
    Thank. [Blood moons are not uncommon. If the Lord inspires me to ask questions about it I will. In this case I didn’t have that nudge. Probably because I already know things are coming. PR]

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  9. SIE ERIC says:

    I heard somewhere that the lunar attraction has an influence on our spiritual strength. Is it true? [I haven’t heard that. PR]


  10. gkawalker says:

    I’m going to try posting again here as it won’t let me post under the BofM post. I’m reading your BofM thoughts and piecing things together with your other books and posts. In 2 Nephi 29 you speak about the last dispensation of the gathering of Israel. In your temporal dispensations book you say it starts with AOA. So if AOA has already occurred as I believe and from some of your posts, then has this last dispensation started? [Yes. PR]

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  11. elethu xapa says:

    Hey PR just wanted to ask something small dies the Lord still consider baptism by water from the LDS Church or maybe where can i get baptised with the Right authority i hope you understand my question. [The Church can baptize you in their congregation, but to truly be baptized unto the Lord it requires two things: first is to truly repent. Second is to find someone who the Lord recognizes to perform such an ordinance. To know whether someone is worthy of such a calling will require faith on your part, to seek them according to the Spirit. Yes, it can occur within the LDS church, or any Christian church, but is still legitimate according to the Spirit. PR]

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  12. M H says:

    It sounds like 2022 is going to end up being another busy year. Spiritual preparation is most important, but what temporal preparations would you see being beneficial for someone in the US for this year in 2022? [I know it is going to be difficult, but there is still much that needs to occur before the collapse. My advice is to seek personal revelation for you and your family specifically. Hard times effect us differently depending upon our situation, location, and level of preparedness. Common sense would say to have some extra food, water, medicine, or any other items you need in case of a shortage on hand. PR]


  13. Oh my, remember, so powerful. Conscisousness of God’s care is the best memory.


  14. elethu xapa says:

    What’s the difference between being an Apostle of Christ and being his Desciple?

    Do these words mean the same thing or they each have its own use depending on one’s relationship with the Saviour? [The word “apostle” was a word used at the time of Christ to denote “a special messenger.” The Lord had dozens of disciples, but he chose only 12 to be his apostles and to be a witness of his atonement, to organize the efforts to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles. Today, to be an authentic apostle of Jesus Christ one would need to have felt the marks in His hands and be set apart by the Lord Himself to teach the Gospel in foreign lands to the Gentiles. They are High Priests unto the Lord, anointed before the foundation of the world for such a calling. Great miracles and gifts of the Spirit will follow those with such a calling. In the future there will be an army of such High Priests sent to gather the Elect, but they will not be a governing body of Apostles. They will be the Gatherers of Zion from amongst the 144K. PR]

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  15. elethu xapa says:

    Will the High priestesses also receive High preisthood in the order if Melcheizedek or ot is a bit different for them ? [Using the tern “Order of Melchizedek” has a specific meaning. It was the Jewish order of passing the the priesthood to the firstborn and implied kingship and the rights to officiate as God’s mouthpiece, as was Melchizedek of old. That phrase was also used in the restored church to imply worthy male priesthood and the office of Elder and higher authority. The phrase is only important today in an institutional manner where males are given priesthood authority in the church. But, it is important to note that high priesthood from God is not given according to gender or birthright, but according to our oath and covenant before the world. There are both male and female high priests and priestesses that have been sent to do the will of God since the beginning and in these last days will help to usher in Zion and the coming of the Messiah. PR]

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