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When We Pray With the Tongue of Angels

A couple nights ago I was listening to some beautiful instrumental music as I pondered upon the Lord – I felt the Lord’s Spirit come over me and wrote the following: Cleanse my heart – lift me up to the … Continue reading

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The Still Small Voice

I was in a Gospel Doctrine class last year, as I sat quietly listening to the lesson. I tend not to say too much, seems like every time I’m about to comment the Spirit tells me, “Not today.” But this … Continue reading

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Calling Down the Powers of Heaven in a Group Gathering

I received the following question, and with permission would like to share this with those who read this blog: What does it even mean to “call down the powers of heaven?” Are these things that come from heaven’s will or … Continue reading

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Three Answers Regarding Prayer

I prayed to know answers regarding prayer. I learned some new things, as is usually the case. Pray to receive your own revelation. They can call me Jesus Christ, but Mashiach Yeshua is closer to my original Hebrew name. This is … Continue reading

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Cry Unto the Lord

Here are some thoughts on this topic I have been studying lately. I hope it is helpful for you. What does it mean to “cry unto the Lord?” To pray with all your heart. To vocally express your prayer with … Continue reading

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