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What if I Still Can’t Get Revelation?

Question: I have repeatedly tried all the steps you have mentioned and still get nothing. When I try the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions, just nothing. As I try to settle on an answer, just nothing. Now what!? Answer: I am … Continue reading

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How We Can Avoid Deception

One of the most common questions is how do we know if we are receiving revelation from the Lord, or if it is a deception from the Adversary? I received the following question: When one hears a voice and is … Continue reading

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The first blessing I ever gave was as a new “green bean” Elder in Okinawa, Japan. My companion had gone into a grand mal seizure and I had to do something. I had NO IDEA how to do a blessing! … Continue reading

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What is Great Faith?

I use the mantra, “Hope is believing, faith is asking, knowledge is receiving, and priesthood is becoming.” But there is a category between faith and knowledge; which is called having “great faith.” Great faith is receiving revelation and acting upon it. … Continue reading

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Truth or Error in Receiving Revelation

Here is a personal revelation I received to help me when discerning pure revelation or deceiving spirits. Perhaps it will help you. You may want to pray to see if this will apply to you. How do we know when … Continue reading

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