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New Additions to the “End of Times” Book

There are additional portions added to “Witness of the End of Times.” Go to pages 17-19, 73-75, 96-97, 99, 102 End of Times, 12-16-17 Advertisements

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New Additions to the “Temporal Dispensations” Book

There is an additional sixteen pages added to the “Witness of the Temporal Dispensations.” Go to pages 31-32, 63, 78, 89, 101-107, 134-135, 165-173 The Temporal Dispensations 12-15-2017

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The Name of YHWH

The name of God has gone through much change since it was first recorded in the days of Moses. Rabbis will tell you it is pronounced Yahweh, but the early Hebrews changed the scripture to read Adonai, or Lord, out of … Continue reading

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I’m Ready to Share About My Second Comforter Experience

Dear Friends, I’ve put the site back up and I’m sorry for any confusion this may have caused. I have been somewhat distracted the last few months as I was busy preparing a new book called, “How To Have Your Second … Continue reading

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What is Happening Now?

I know this is an anonymous blog and I apologize that it has to be that way for now. I haven’t posted much recently, but there is a good reason. The last few months have been the most amazing in … Continue reading

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