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Vision of Asenath

A vision from August 23, 2016 I then asked about Asenath, the wife of Joseph who was sold into Egypt. For me, this was like watching a beautiful love story. Asenath was the daughter of the Egyptian priest of Heliopolis. The amazing … Continue reading

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The Nativity Vision

March 13 2016, Here is a small portion of what I was shown regarding the nativity of Christ. It was during the fall when Jesus was born. For being such a poor and simple place, it was filled with unspeakable joy. … Continue reading

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Have You Opened Your Eye?

As I have heard reactions to my book, “How To Have Your Second Comforter,” a few have complained that the book teaches how to conjure up a vision; and that seeing God in such a manner is a deception. They suggest that if we … Continue reading

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Anna the Prophetess

Last night I was shown some things from the lives of different women in scripture. The Lord revealed to me some of the life of Anna the Prophetess. “Please help me to know about the prophetess Anna of the New Testament. … Continue reading

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Vision of the Bus

I few days ago I had a vision that affected me. I just posted something this morning and now I see how the topic was directly related to this new vision, so I will share it here. It began as … Continue reading

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