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Vision of the Bus

I few days ago I had a vision that affected me. I just posted something this morning and now I see how the topic was directly related to this new vision, so I will share it here. It began as … Continue reading

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Vision of the White Doves

A vision began to open up in my mind and I saw a single white dove flying toward me. I could see its wings moving in the air as it lighted upon a limb of a barren fruit tree. It had a small … Continue reading

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A Vision, December 2014

I had a vision the other night as I sat alone after everyone was asleep. I was walking through a snowy landscape surrounded by winter trees. It was unpleasant, but the sun was shining. Suddenly, to my surprise I saw … Continue reading

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I know this may seem radical, but should you speak with Angels? I don’t remember seeing this in the Church Handbook. Would we be guilty of “seeking for a sign” if we entertained the idea? Since the days of Heber … Continue reading

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My Medicine Wheel Experience

This happened to me on a fall day about three years ago. I have never shared this before and you might think I’m a little off my rocker after reading this, but here goes. I planned this to coincide with … Continue reading

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