Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost

I used to ask myself, “Who is the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost? Is it a man who simply hasn’t received a body as I’ve been taught?[1] Could it be Heavenly Mother, who we never hear about?” I was told the following during my experiences in the Heavenly realm. You will need to pray for your own witness.

“I then asked if she (Heavenly Mother) was the Holy Spirit and was told that both her and Father play that role, they both influence and guide all creation, but that her role is one of nurturing, and testifying. I truly sensed that her and Father are together all the time. I felt satisfied and full of joy.”

“Mother, as I had been told previously, was an integral part of the godhead. She is part of the Holy Spirit that influences all creation. Father is equally yoked to Mother and one is not without the other. The Lord said that all things must be done through Him.”[2]

“He said the Holy Spirit is the light and truth from the Father and Mother that fill the immensity of space. It is in all things…”

The Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is the power, light, and glory of God which is shared upon those who are seeking to be saved in His Kingdom. To follow the Holy Spirit in our lives will prepare us to receive this anointing of light, which is the Holy Ghost “Gift.”

All intelligence is spirit, a more refined matter[3] that has within itself the ability to act or to be acted upon.[4] Every intelligence within the dominion of God follows His commands because of God’s righteous perfection.[5] All light, knowledge, and power emanates from the Throne of God to fill His dominion.[6] The Lord’s Spirit is in all things,[7] and it is holy; meaning, pure and sanctified to do the Lord’s will.[8]

The word “spirit” is the English transliteration of the Greek word “pneuma;” which means “breath or the essence of the soul. It can also mean the divine source of God’s power.[9] The nature of the Holy Ghost, or Spirit, have been a source of much debate and confusion among theologian scholars and church authorities. The definitions are closely aligned, and depending upon how the word is used may have different meanings. It is often difficult for many to tell the difference between the Holy Spirit or the gift of the Holy Ghost.

In scripture, the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost are often thought of as a single individual; this is not a correct interpretation. The word from the Greek translation could be used interchangeably from ghost to spirit to mean the same thing. When we hear the word “ghost” we think of an individual without a body. This is correct, but is not a clear picture of what the words are meant to describe.

Another part of the confusion regarding the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is the popular Christian doctrine of the Trinity, which is that there are three beings that form one God; The Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. According to the way Jesus’ words are translated, form a single mind; they are “one.” This is in fact true, that they are one in purpose; yet they are distinctly separate beings and are far more than three. The Father, Mother, The Son, The Daughter,[10] and all the Angels of Heaven which abide in the Holy Spirit. This association is what is referred to as the gift of the Holy Ghost, which is a mantle of divine sanctification that is bestowed upon the sons and daughters of God. It makes them holy and their spirits are capable of ascending to the Throne of Heaven. They stand within that dominion as exalted beings that are holy.

Within this temporal world all things are subject to the Holy Spirit, but there is darkness and chaos which the Lord allows to comingle to create an environment of opposites. This temporal realm is separated from God by the Firmament of Heaven, where the intensity of His glory is far beyond our own sun. God’s glory is the substance of the Holy Spirit. It is a conduit between Him and our spirits and is the power by which God’s influence is used in all creation. The more this Spirit is opened unto us, the greater the access we have to God.

The Spirit is like the flow of water; but in the form of light. Imagine trying to fill a swimming pool with a garden hose. The temporal world is limited to how much of the Holy Spirit we can access depending upon the size of the conduit. If we were to increase the size to that of a fire hose, the pool would fill very quickly. Imagine using a large pipe? Our access to the Holy Spirit increases the flow, and our ability to experience the Heavenly Realm.

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[2] The role of a Father is also to judge.

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