New Additions to the “Temporal Dispensations” Book

There is an additional sixteen pages added to the “Witness of the Temporal Dispensations.”

Go to pages 31-32, 63, 78, 89, 101-107, 134-135, 165-173

The Temporal Dispensations 12-15-2017

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New Additions to the “Heavenly Realm” Book

Hello Friends,

Its good to be back with you. Over the next few days I will be updating the different “Witness Books” with new additions from my journal that will add more insights into these topics. There is an additional twelve pages added to the “Witness of the Heavenly Realm.”

Go to pages 14-15, 56-62, 84-86, 137-139, 144

The Heavenly Realm Edit 12-15-2017

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New Book: “A Witness of the End of Times”

The new book is now available as a free PDF download. This volume details the prophetic events of our time, the fall of Babylon, the rise of Zion, the Servants, and the Kingdom of the Adversary. It is more cryptic that the previous books, so the reader will need to pray for personal revelation in some parts to discern the meaning. Please, if you receive an answer to a mystery, only share with those who are prepared to receive.

I would not recommend reading this book unless you have read the first book “How To Have Your Second Comforter” and are comfortable with its content. Then I would read “A Witness of the Heavenly Realm.” This is the last in this series I can release before Zion is established.

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New Footnotes to the Temporal Dispensations

I have added some additional footnotes to clarify a few passages in the new book. If you saved the former PDF you may want to replace it with this one. Here are the page numbers for the new footnotes:

Page numbers: 30, 32, 60, 80, 95, 104

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New Book – A Witness of the Temporal Dispensations

This is the third of five books I will release in this series. I would recommend not reading it unless you have read the first book, “How To Have Your Second Comforter,” and “A Witness of the Heavenly Realm.” If you have read these and are comfortable with the content, you will gain much from this new addition. There are a few truth bombs in there that will be uncomfortable to some, but it is important to understand. If you have questions I may respond; if I do not it is only because I feel it would be inappropriate for me to comment. I’m trying to be careful I don’t overstep my bounds with the Lord. As you read, pray for your own confirmation regarding the truthfulness of the content of this book.

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