Parable of the Car Wash

The question was asked, “How do we understand the difference between Baptism of Fire, Holy Ghost, and being Born Again?” The following parable came to my mind:

I man pulled into a carwash, his car filthy with mud and dirt. He came out the other end clean. (Baptism of Fire)

He then drove straight to another station, his car given a fresh coat of white paint, sparkling and new. (Gift of the Holy Ghost and Born Again)

As he pulled out he wondered, “What should I do now?” He heard a tap on the window. He opened the passenger door and a man sat down next to him. The Lord said, “Shall we go for a drive? Lots of things I would like to show you.” (Second Comforter)

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The Mystery of the Estates

One of the topics that have been confusing to many that I have written about are the Estates of Progression in the Principle of Eternal Lives. These are among the “mysteries” that I can only teach to a certain point before I have to back away and allow you to search for yourself. (Your own pure revelation.)

For the sake of clarity, let me explain a few things. The word “estate,” as I have used it, is a level of light and glory, which also comes with a covenant and mission. The Lord’s kingdoms and glory are eternal and always expanding. It does not follow a linear path, but requires great sacrifice, as the Gardner continues to toil for the benefit of the garden.

There are eight estates that ascend to the glory of the Eternal Father. There are many Fathers, and each is tied to each other in purpose. In this world, a temporal, telestial sphere, resides many beings of various stages of progression. Most who are here are 2nd estate; telestial beings who come and go experiencing mortality with no intention of ascending or descending in the estates. Most of their choices, intentions, and covenants are made in the spirit realm before birth.

Amongst the children of men are other beings who walk amongst us mostly undetected. There are those who have received the quickening, or Gift of the Holy Ghost, advancing to their 3rd estate. There are those who have received the dark equivalent of damnation who have sought the rewards of the Adversary. To them, they have achieved eternal life and a place in Satan’s kingdom. There is opposition in all things, more than you would imagine.

In this world are 4th estate beings, both of great glory sent from the Father to save the souls of men; and of darkness, sons of perdition who dwell upon the earth to advance the powers of darkness. There are translated beings of both light and darkness among us. As the end of times comes and the keys to the bottomless pit opens up, there will be an escalation of both darkness and light in preparation for the return of the King of Glory.

As far as your personal place in the estates of progression, it is your responsibility to come to the Lord, to be bathed in light and fire and be born again. From here you will either ascend or experience an awakening to your former glory and prepare for the mission the Lord has called you. There is a great awakening taking place today. Moroni called for the Daughters of Zion to “awake and arise” at the end of the Book of Mormon. Many are now awakening, but until the Lord opens the new dispensation they must wait patiently, then the call to “arise” shall be given.

For more information on the estates:

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Difference Between Baptism of Fire / Holy Ghost / Second Comforter

I have collected some specific information to add clarity to often confused subjects. These are very basic descriptions and will likely break open paradigms and lead to more questions, but it is what I have been shown. Seek your own revelation and confirmation.

The Baptism of Fire prepares us to enter the Lord’s presence and cleanses our spirit of sin.

The Holy Ghost is a gift given when we are proved worthy, having demonstrated a “broken heart and contrite spirit” to the Lord. At that moment our spirits are quickened and additional light and glory is placed upon us, and we are made holy.

The Holy Spirit is God’s influence and power in your life. Through it we receive revelation and other spiritual manifestations to prepare us to become holy and to be servants of the Lord.

To have your lamp filled with oil is to be among those who have received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. When Christ comes only those who are exalted can participate in the wedding feast.

Gift of the Holy Ghost = Calling and Election = Church of the Firstborn = Salvation in Christ = Son or Daughter of God = Born Again = Third Estate = Eternal Life

Second Comforter = Calling and Election Made Sure = More Sure Word of Prophecy = Fullness of the Gospel = Testimony of Jesus

4th Estate = Just Men and Women Made Perfect = Called & Chosen = Servants of the Lord = 144 Thousand = Saviors on Mount Zion

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Update to My “About Me” Page

I updated my about page:

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Meditation and Prayer?

I was asked the following question:

Regarding the Lord’s advice to rend the veil, you talk about learning to be still. Do you think that meditation exercises (like Mindfulness) would be helpful to learn to still your mind in relation to rending the veil?

Meditation seems to help many people calm their minds, but some forms of meditation are more about relaxing and allowing the mind to wander where it will. Prayer is more than meditation, it is a focused effort to come eye to eye with God. I do this by following the steps set forth in the first book. I think meditation can help to a point, but then we have to push our minds as far as possible to connect with Heaven.

When I begin my holy time with the Lord I close my closet door and make myself comfortable with as few distractions as possible. I begin by stating in prayer my intentions with the Lord. I ask for forgiveness and wait for an answer. I ask the Lord to help me be clean and begin to visualize myself filled with light. I spend a good deal of time with this. If my mind is cluttered with thoughts I check to see if the adversary is around. If not, I continue to focus my mind. I then spend some time expressing my deepest gratitudes to the Lord, praising Him and describing in detail what He has done for me and everyone. This begins to transition into praying in tongues and then I ask, “Lord, may I come to you?” I usually hear a voice respond, “Come forth!”

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