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Lehi Taught a Mystery

The prophet Lehi knew many mysteries regarding the Lord’s purposes for the people of this world. This passage of the Book of Mormon was the first to touch upon this in no other way mentioned in the Bible. Some of … Continue reading

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What Was Amulek Saying?

I have written for the sake of clarity some notes regarding the words of Amulek as he spoke to the apostate Zoramites. Some of these same false traditions exist today, and more: Yea, I would that ye would come forth … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Scripture

Scripture means different things to different bodies of people. When a new convert begins to study they often lean on the understanding of others to make sense of new ideas and what the Lord wants them to know. But can … Continue reading

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Spiritual Translation of Zechariah

This is a spiritual translation of a chapter in Zechariah, I was told to do this for the purpose of helping to clarify the intent of the words written.  Pray for your own witness to know whether this is true. … Continue reading

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D&C 121:45-46 Spiritual Translation

This particular scripture is rich with meaning that points toward one’s Second Comforter experience. “Let thy bowels [desires] also be full of charity [God’s love and purpose] towards all men, [the world] and to the household of faith, [believers] and … Continue reading

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