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Forget About Anonymous

If I could wish for anything at this point it would be this: forget about this Anonymous fellow. I’ve done everything I can to avoid a following. My blog and books have one purpose, that is to provide some help … Continue reading

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Samuel the Prophet

The following is a portion of my journal where I was shown parts of Samuel’s life. The Lord would speak with me and the vision would open as if I was there. It felt as if I was, so I’m … Continue reading

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What is an Ordinance?

What is an ordinance? It is a prescribed law or ceremony, directed by the Lord, to point our minds and spirits toward its spiritual manifestation. Here are some examples of ordinances introduced by Joseph Smith in this last dispensation: Baptisms … Continue reading

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Lehi Taught a Mystery

The prophet Lehi knew many mysteries regarding the Lord’s purposes for the people of this world. This passage of the Book of Mormon was the first to touch upon this in no other way mentioned in the Bible. Some of … Continue reading

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I wrote the following: ”I asked if my revelation regarding Dominions and Dispensations when studying the Hierarchy of Angels was correct and was told, “Yes.” There are eight major dispensations starting with Adam and ending with Joseph Smith, with the … Continue reading

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