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What Was Amulek Saying?

I have written for the sake of clarity some notes regarding the words of Amulek as he spoke to the apostate Zoramites. Some of these same false traditions exist today, and more: Yea, I would that ye would come forth … Continue reading

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Moroni’s Ominous Warning

I was reading the words of Moroni, his last warning to us in these last days regarding what will surely come. It is a sobering reminder of the precarious position many of us are in. Mormon 8:26-41 “And no one … Continue reading

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The Book of Lehi

Many have wondered what is contained in the 116 page manuscript that was lost to Martin Harris. I have inquired of the Lord about this on two occasions. I look forward to reading Lehi’s witness. These journal entries were recorded … Continue reading

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What About Suicide?

“What happens to those who commit suicide, Lord?” He said that it depends on the situation. Some who die carelessly feel a great sense of disappointment, regret, and sometimes anger when they realize they gave up a great opportunity. Some, … Continue reading

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New Additions to the “End of Times” Book

There are additional portions added to “Witness of the End of Times.” Go to pages 17-19, 73-75, 96-97, 99, 102 End of Times, 12-16-17

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