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Who Is Satan?

Why is it important to know about Satan? Because you must know your enemy to personally defeat him. I was instructed today to share a few portions of my journal: “His original name was Shaw-Hum, “The Mighty Voice of God.” … Continue reading

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A Word

Recently I asked the Lord if there was any particular word He wanted me to think about for 2022. He said, “Remember.” What does that mean Lord? He said, “Remember the promises and all that I have told you. When … Continue reading

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Filling the Gaps – Part 2

These are my questions I asked recently to help me fill the gaps of my experience with the Lord. He said to come often and ask. I know some of this is going to be very strange, it is condensed … Continue reading

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Filling in the Gaps

The Lord has told me to return to my journal and read through all the experiences I’ve had since my Second Comforter to ask more questions, to fill in the gaps, so that I can learn more. He said there … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith’s Letters for Section 121 – Thoughts

Joseph Smith’s letters at Liberty Jail, written to the Church and Edward Partridge, March 20, 1839 – Text used to create the Doctrine and Covenants, section 121. Much of the writings of Joseph’s two letters were edited out before the … Continue reading

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