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Misconceptions Regarding Satan

There is a lot of misconceptions about the War in Heaven because of false traditions. Here is a short list with corrections: 1. It happened in the pre-existence. (Yes, but continues now and for eternity. There is no end because … Continue reading

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How We Can Avoid Deception

One of the most common questions is how do we know if we are receiving revelation from the Lord, or if it is a deception from the Adversary? I received the following question: When one hears a voice and is … Continue reading

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Joseph Rebuked Satan Often

Heber C. Kimball wrote in his journal: “Joseph … said the nearer a person approached to the Lord, the greater power would be manifest by the devil to prevent the accomplishment of the purposes of God. He also gave me … Continue reading

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Not the Keystone Cops

It’s the morning after. Last night was the culmination of an attack by the Adversary. (I know that is a melodramatic intro, but bear with me.)   Yesterday was one of those crazy days; missed appointments, sickness, electrician messed up, … Continue reading

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Casting Out Evil Spirits

Demonic possession is a subject that makes most everyone uncomfortable. The belief that “if you ignore it, you’ll never have to deal with it” is an attitude that Satan loves to propagate. The fact is that everyone, except those who … Continue reading

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