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Parable of the Car Wash

The question was asked, “How do we understand the difference between Baptism of Fire, Holy Ghost, and being Born Again?” The following parable came to my mind: I man pulled into a carwash, his car filthy with mud and dirt. … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Estates

One of the topics that have been confusing to many that I have written about are the Estates of Progression in the Principle of Eternal Lives. These are among the “mysteries” that I can only teach to a certain point … Continue reading

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Difference Between Baptism of Fire / Holy Ghost / Second Comforter

I have collected some specific information to add clarity to often confused subjects. These are very basic descriptions and will likely break open paradigms and lead to more questions, but it is what I have been shown. Seek your own … Continue reading

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Update to My “About Me” Page

I updated my about page:

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Meditation and Prayer?

I was asked the following question: Regarding the Lord’s advice to rend the veil, you talk about learning to be still. Do you think that meditation exercises (like Mindfulness) would be helpful to learn to still your mind in … Continue reading

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