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The Everlasting Covenant

Lord gave me the following, face to face, November 23, 2016 I then asked the meaning of the scripture, which was given by Nephi to Joseph when he visited him in the old cabin of the Smith Farm. He said, “And he … Continue reading

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What if I Still Can’t Get Revelation?

Question: I have repeatedly tried all the steps you have mentioned and still get nothing. When I try the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions, just nothing. As I try to settle on an answer, just nothing. Now what!? Answer: I am … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Scripture

Scripture means different things to different bodies of people. When a new convert begins to study they often lean on the understanding of others to make sense of new ideas and what the Lord wants them to know. But can … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Advice to Rend the Veil

This is a journal entry from September 13, 2016. I stood face to face with the Lord, as one man speaks to another. “I have friends that cannot see in the spirit and are discouraged,” I asked. The Lord said, “They … Continue reading

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The Beatitudes – A Blueprint of the Second Comforter

The Beatitudes are the Lord’s blueprint for how one may receive their Second Comforter and stand in the presence of God. It was first taught to a select group of disciples upon a mountain in Judea, then, to His disciples … Continue reading

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