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The Power of the Group

A few nights ago I met with a group of people for the purpose of simply sharing scripture and praying to our Lord. By the end of the evening I had witnessed more gifts of the Spirit at a single … Continue reading

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How We Can Avoid Deception

One of the most common questions is how do we know if we are receiving revelation from the Lord, or if it is a deception from the Adversary? I received the following question: When one hears a voice and is … Continue reading

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Do You Have Gifts?

What is a simple definition of a Gift of the Spirit? I would suggest: A spiritual bestowal of power for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God. This bestowal of power is God’s Priesthood in action. It does not … Continue reading

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Have You Had the Gift of Tongues?

I was reading in Moroni 10:15 the other day and stopped where it listed the Gift of Tongues among the Gifts of the Spirit that the Lord promises to those who have faith in Him. I felt a little sad … Continue reading

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I know this may seem radical, but should you speak with Angels? I don’t remember seeing this in the Church Handbook. Would we be guilty of “seeking for a sign” if we entertained the idea? Since the days of Heber … Continue reading

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