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What is Great Faith?

I use the mantra, “Hope is believing, faith is asking, knowledge is receiving, and priesthood is becoming.” But there is a category between faith and knowledge; which is called having “great faith.” Great faith is receiving revelation and acting upon it. … Continue reading

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Why a Woman Wears a Veil in the Temple

A personal revelation given upon asking the question: “What is the veil represent worn my women in the temple endowment?” The veil which the women where in the temple represents their willingness to come to earth and bear children, placing … Continue reading

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Do Angels Have Wings?

The question as to whether angels have wings has been kicked around by Christians since the earliest days. The Bible is rich with symbolism and the wings of angels is one of them. Joseph said, “An angel of God never … Continue reading

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Three Answers Regarding Prayer

I prayed to know answers regarding prayer. I learned some new things, as is usually the case. Pray to receive your own revelation. They can call me Jesus Christ, but Mashiach Yeshua is closer to my original Hebrew name. This is … Continue reading

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Revelation Regarding the Sabbath

As you know, I strive to receive personal revelation on a variety of topics. Some topics can disrupt the apple cart fairly quickly; so be carful what you ask for. Recently, I received the following revelation and it set me … Continue reading

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