How To Have Your Second Comforter

Only available from Digital Legend Press, or Kindle version on Amazon. I collect no royalties. All funding goes to the publisher. The Lord required I do the first book in this manner. Go to this link for the full details regarding its content:

Do not read the following books unless you have read How To Have Your Second Comforter and are comfortable with the content. Please do not share with anyone unless the Spirit of the Lord has impressed you to do so. I would suggest reading these books in the order they are listed.

eyes2How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes

A Free PDF download. This volume goes deeper into the process of all things related to developing the Gifts of the Spirit. For those who struggle to open their eyes.


rrr 2

A Witness of the Gifts of the Spirit

A Free PDF download.  This volume is a reference to the twenty spiritual gifts that will prepare you to stand in the presence of God. Subjects include revelation, prophesy, angelic ministrations, and more.



A Witness of the Heavenly Realm

A Free PDF download. This volume details my visits with the Lord in the Heavenly Realm. Answers questions regarding the Throne, the Garden, the Creation, the spirit world, and the hierarchies of Angels. Go to this link:

A Witness of the Life of Christ

A Free PDF download. This volume details my visits with the Lord where I was shown parts of His life, His birth, childhood, beginning of His ministry, the Apostles, the last few days of His life, the Resurrection. Go to this link:

A Witness of the Temporal Dispensations

A Free PDF download. This volume details the first six dispensations starting with Adam and ending with Joseph Smith. Explains the significance of the Dominions, dispensations, prophets, and other questions regarding the purpose of this earth’s existence. Go to this link:

A Witness of the End of Times

A Free PDF download. This volume details the prophetic events of our time, the fall of Babylon, the rise of Zion, the Servants, and the Kingdom of the Adversary. Go to this link:

Coming in the future:

In 2020 I plan to make the PDF books available as a physical book. They will be sold at cost. In addition to the books listed above there will be the following:

  • Our Temporal Progression
  • Book of Mormon Thoughts

Also, some time closer to 2021 I will be publishing in a similar format a book which is more focused upon the women and their journey toward Zion, as abridged from the journal of my wife, similar to my books. Her experiences will help the sisters in ways I cannot describe. The Lord loves His daughters, and this book will help many to learn of their sacred role as Daughters of Zion.

A Witness of the Everlasting Covenant, this volume details the mysteries of the Everlasting Covenant, but shall not be revealed until Zion is established.


16 Responses to Books

  1. “And again I would exhort you that ye would come unto Christ, and lay hold upon every good gift, and touch not the evil gift, nor the unclean thing.” Moroni10:30 I wonder if sometimes we mistake the good gifts for that which is unclean because we do not understand. Why do some never develop their spiritual gifts? – from “How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes, Pg4” This is a good point Pr! and this one of the scripture i do not understand. please what it means an evil gift? thank.

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  2. A “gift” can be a power or understanding bestowed upon a person from God, but Satan also has his darker version of each and every gift. We see this in the examples of sorcery, necromancy, and channeling of spirits. Throughout the history of man such things have existed. As Moroni said, we are to not touch, or even dabble in the dark gifts.

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  3. What about the new energy healing that a lot of the women in our church are getting into? Is that from an evil source? How about Reiki and muscle testing? I am attuned to Reiki and am also LDS.


  4. Homeopathic healing is good, but with all kinds of healing the administrator as well as the recipient are wise to involve the Lord in its application. Most all energy healers lean on their own light and not upon the Lord . Usually, the recipient pays a fee and they hope to receive the healing, and do not exercise faith in Christ. Energy healing can work, but can also be risky for both the healer and the recipient. Dark energy can be passed from either without knowing. People who do such things think they are fully educated and prepared; however, there is always the unexpected person that is more than your bargained for. It is a dangerous business.

    I personally rely upon herbal remedies and priesthood blessings. When things require we go to medical doctors, but that is rare and I don’t trust most of them. But again, I would seek revelation on the matter.

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  5. Nate says:

    Just curious. How many people run/contribute to this blog? Just one person? [Two people: the Lord and me. I’m the part with the typos. PR]

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  6. Nate says:

    In Heavenly Realm, you asked if you could see Grandfather/Great Jehovah and was told no. But you went back (to Mother) and asked again, which you saw in vision… was that a test of faith? Are there times we’re supposed to seek things that God initially says no to?

    How does this differ in nature from Joseph Smith asking the Lord to give Martin Harris the Book of Lehi pages? [The answer to the first request never changed. The question was asked differently for something else and was granted. PR]

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  7. jstone511 says:

    What does “Ondi” mean?
    And what does “Ahman” mean?
    as in “Adam-ondi-Ahman”?
    [Adam ondi Ahman means “Man of Holiness.” “Ahman” is holiness or glory. Originally, I answered differently, that it was related to the Everlasting Covenant (which it is) and that you would need to ask the Lord. But, today I was told I could reveal this.. PR]

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  8. jstone511 says:

    I am reading your Temporal Dispensations and I’m in the spiritual translation of the book of Moses. And it sounds like Enoch is talking to Heavenly Father and then later he seems to be talking to Christ. Which being is Enoch talking to?


  9. jstone511 says:

    Can you answer, in the Book of Moses, is Enoch talking with Heavenly Father or with Jesus Christ? [Often they are speaking with the Great Jehovah. In this is a mystery. PR]

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  10. pierrick says:

    Hi Pure.
    Hope you’re fine.
    I had some questions about the last days.
    – Have you heard about three days of darkness? Is there any truth to it?
    – have you heard about a sign in heaven which would be a giant lightning strike on the face of the moon? Apparently it would leave like a scar on its surface.
    – you mentioned nibiru, the rogue planet, planet X I guess. Do you know in which direction to look for in the night sky? Will it fall upon the earth or just past by? [I’m not familiar with the other things you mentioned. I don’t know much about Nibiru or Planet X. I have heard of it, but I saw a dark planet or dark sun that comes close to the earth causing much problems. The sign of His coming is the return of the orb with the city of Enoch which will look like a planet or comet approaching. PR]

    Thanks in advance

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  11. What can you tell me about the white stone mention in the book of Revelations? I know that it is a type of Urim and Thummim for those who receive celestial glory. There is not much revealed about this, and I have seen it in a vision in which the recipients who received them appeared to be mortal and living through the tribulations in the USA after it is brought to its knees. Is it a tool used by the Gatherers? [That I do not know. I have seen these stones being used on two occasions and each time it was with people who are from the City of Enoch, which are the 4th estate. It is possible the Gatherers will have these, but I have no knowledge of that. PR]

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  12. Peter Taylor says:

    End of times page 104 references a full reading of your spiritual translation of Revelation on your blog, but I am unable to locate. If this is available somewhere, if you could direct me to this, that would be greatly appreciated. Thx PR [It is no longer available on the blog. However, much of the translation is available within the book A Witness of the End of Times. PR]

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  13. Cheryl Weaver says:

    How’s it coming with the completion and sale of the consolidated book of your topics above? [I have people helping with editing. It is a slow process, so hopefully some time this year. PR]

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  14. Nate says:

    Why was it more painful for the Savior to experience the perpetrators sins (third stage of the Atonement) than it was the victims pain(second stage)? [For such a pure being to swallow that bitter pill is beyond comprehension. PR]

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  15. Nate says:

    You wrote in End Times that there are 3 to 4 thousand 4th estate on the earth right now. How many of these are translated?

    How many of these will be translated to participate in the Gathering? [I do not know. PR]


  16. Nate says:

    When you see past events like the life of Christ, are their words translated into english for you? Or do you just know by the Spirit the language? [It’s the gift of tongues where you understand the language. PR]

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