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The Cheetah – A Dream

I had a dream recently that I could not forget and I discovered was from the Lord: I was with a group of children, perhaps ages 2-4. Their parents were there, but I could not see them. I noticed a … Continue reading

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Keep the Door Closed

I had a dream last night where I was in a grand hotel. The front door to my private room was wide open and many people were walking down a wide hall – like the corridor of a shopping mall. … Continue reading

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How Did He Die? A Dream

I awoke from a dream the other morning that left me feeling anxious and disturbed. I saw a young man, in his early twenties, in a photograph. I heard a voice speak to me that he was recently killed in … Continue reading

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Woman Stealing Dresses – a dream

Last night I awoke from a dream. It left me feeling anxious and desirous to know its meaning. The dream was extremely vivid. My own personal vision is not as clear as what I saw in terms of color, texture, … Continue reading

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The Glove, A Dream

I had another dream last night. I was in an elaborate, richly furnished conference room waiting for someone to come and meet with me. I decided to leave the building to go for a walk. I picked up a baseball … Continue reading

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