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Twelve Hierarchies of Angels

What is an angel? Those who take direction from Elohim, Jehovah, and Michael. Each Hierarchy has levels within itself. The Lord’s works are endless. There are both male and female angels, often working in partnerships within a marriage covenant, but … Continue reading

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Do Angels Have Wings?

The question as to whether angels have wings has been kicked around by Christians since the earliest days. The Bible is rich with symbolism and the wings of angels is one of them. Joseph said, “An angel of God never … Continue reading

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The Angels are Waiting to Come to You

One of the things I love about the BofM is how it shows the pattern for receiving the gifts of the spirit, including the gift of the ministering of spirits and the beholding of Angels. 1 Nephi 11:1 “For it … Continue reading

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I know this may seem radical, but should you speak with Angels? I don’t remember seeing this in the Church Handbook. Would we be guilty of “seeking for a sign” if we entertained the idea? Since the days of Heber … Continue reading

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