Is There a Dark Veil?

I received the following question:

“The veil in the temple is white and leads to the Lord, but is there also a dark veil that veils the adversary, and that must also be parted before we can part the veil to the Lord?  I have thought that the adversary has his opposites of the things of God and that we must be willing to descend below to some degree to be able to ascend above.”

My response: “There are different things we might consider as “the veil.” The veil that separates us from the Spirit World is our own flesh. Learning to see with an eye of faith is what parts that particular veil.

The barrier that separates us from the Lord is called a “firmament” in the scriptures. It is guarded by the Cherubim and has three levels of ascension. Satan has a boundary that prevents him from ascending these firmaments. Outer Darkness has a firmament that separates it from the glory of God. I have not seen a dark veil of separation for Satan unless it is our own eyes that prevent us from seeing him.”

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25 Responses to Is There a Dark Veil?

  1. Anonymous says:

    So the baptism of fire is what allows us to pass this firmament? Is it a different process when the Lord descends to us or we see Him in vision?


  2. The pillar of light that Joseph experienced was a baptism of fire. Visions are not, unless one has ascended. Ascending to the Lord always requires a cleansing.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    What can you tell us about translocation? Is it in the spirit or is your physical body moving?


  4. That is quite the question. I have much to say, but I would rather explain it more when the other book is ready in a couple of months. Not the kind of thing I can just give a short answer.


  5. Anonymous says:

    That other book will be coming out before the end of july is that correct?


  6. Joshua Tolley says:

    “Learning to see with an eye of faith is what parts [the veil that separates us from the Spirit World].” Yet again you’ve offered a second witness of what I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ll note that seeing with faith is very much distinct from obeying commandments and covenants, or having the ability to discern. So it’s very possible to part the veil and then be deceived by whatever influence happens to wander by.


  7. Joshua, seeing with an eye of faith is anywhere beyond your physical body. Until you ascend to a higher place you will always contend with darkness. It wasn’t until I reached the room above the earth that I noticed absolutely no presence of the Adversary. He cannot go beyond that firmament without permission. He dwells in the telestial realm and darkness.

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  8. Joshua Tolley says:

    So one might say a veil is what restricts our senses to this mortal world, and a firmament is a separation between different levels of the world the veil prevents us from sensing.


  9. Yes, but the firmament are multiple barriers that we ascend in the universe, far more than the limitations of this world. Our physical senses are limited to frequencies less refined.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Have you seen the ads on your blog?


  11. No, it is a basic blog, so I suppose WordPress puts ads on there. I don’t think they would be the same ads for everyone.


  12. Emma says:

    Wow! I really love the new post ! As usual , I have a question .
    Could you please expound more deep light on MARRIAGE fro me ? Is it really a must that someone has to get married in this mortal life ?
    I would be highly glad if you can shade some light on that doctrine


  13. Marriage is a source of great joy when done righteously, but anyone who is not married in this life will not lose any eternal blessings. As one ascends in their progression they will be given a help meet, who will together, progress in the estates. Everything Joseph said is correct, but must be seen through an eternal perspective.

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  14. Just a comment here: The person that originally sent me his question referenced the temple veil ceremony wondering if Satan had his own version. As far as my personal experience, I did not have to meet anyone and offer the signs and tokens to enter the Lord’s presence. I simply had to be made clean and pass the angels of the Lord upon His approval. I was told that the signs and tokens are for teaching purposes and than there are yet more to be learned. Having said that, there may be something in the future that requires these that I am not yet familiar with. I would not be surprised if Satan uses the same ceremony to mimic Lord somehow, but this I do not know. I know Satan has a baptism of darkness and other mirror ordinances.

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  15. Emma says:

    Thank you very much for that outstanding answer ! I have learnt something from that ..
    I makes real sense to me .
    Q. So , when someone get sealed to his wife and then they both fail to keep the covenants , Will they be separated in the next life ? I need some deep light on this one .


  16. There are many factors involved and only the Lord can determine if covenants are broken. Nothing can ever separate us from the ones we love unless they choose to go to Satan. The full realization of the marriage sealing does not occur until later estates, at which time you will be in lockstep with your helpmeet.

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  17. Paul says:

    This answer on marriage has caught my attention. Please expound for me, Does eternal marriage have an eternal significance like confirmation after baptism?


  18. Anonymous says:

    When will your next book be released?


  19. I’m not sure what you mean “like confirmation after baptism.” Marriages are only eternal when the hand of God seals it. That happens in His presence.

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  20. Anonymous says:

    In your experiences with Joseph smith, were you given any insight into the purpose or intention of the council of 50?


  21. I have not asked about that.


  22. Dixie says:

    Are there Daughters of Perdition? Why do we only hear of Sons of Perdition?


  23. There are, but few. My next book discusses that in length.


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