The Times Are Quickening

I saw a blog post today where a woman spoke of her frustration and disappointment that her friend was trying to be perfect, to be good enough to see Jesus while she was still alive, to have her Calling and Election.

I felt sad as I read this for a variety of reasons. The first is the idea that such a thing is unattainable. Would God give us a commandment that we could not achieve? (3 Nephi 12:48) What kind of perfection is the Lord commanding us to obtain? I don’t believe He was talking about perfection in doing our genealogy, home teaching, yard work, service projects, or ward callings. (Although those aren’t bad things.) He meant to be perfect in charity. To have a broken heart and a contrite spirit so that we could receive the baptism of fire and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. And then we could be prepared to walk with Him as we have our Calling and Election Made Sure. (Second Comforter)

I know many personally who have received this blessing, and many more who I don’t know personally who have claimed such things. Just a year ago I only knew perhaps three people. There will be many more in the near future, so this is not an empty promise.

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. (John 14:16-18)

It saddens me when I hear people dismiss these things as unnecessary. Not long ago I was at Church and heard the Stake Presidency ask the ward what evidences there are that the times are quickening and we are close to the Second Coming of Christ. Many members raised their hands and said things such as: because we have so many beautiful temples, that we are doing more family history than ever before, that we have so many missionaries. The Stake Presidency focused their remarks on temple work for the dead. According to our leaders the temple work was the measure of our acceptance of the Lord.

Though out the scriptures the Lord talks about the importance of bringing forth fruit for His Father’s kingdom. I talked about this in the new book, “How to Have Your Second Comforter.” Which do you think would be more important to the Lord: many temples and over 15 million members all doing their family history, or twenty souls who have become pure in heart and partaken of the Tree of Life? (had their Second Comforter.)

Earlier this year the Lord showed me something:

I saw another vision open up, as Yeshua explained to me a parable of a garden. He was the Gardner and He said each soul was like a tender plant. As they grew some would would wither and die, while others would grow tall, but not bear fruit. Some would fill the measure of their creation and bear fruit. He desires each to bring forth fruit, but that some would struggle and die despite His efforts. He will do all he can for the garden and at the end gather the good fruit together and clean away the rest.

Each of us is capable of bringing forth fruit. The Lord has promised us He will not leave us comfortless, that He WILL COME TO US. If your desire is to receive this it will be given to you according to your faith. Yes, my friends, the times are quickening. You will see many more begin to receive the baptism of fire and their Second Comforter. Many will say, “Do you know the Lord?” and we will answer, “Yes!” Don’t be discouraged, just believe.

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6 Responses to The Times Are Quickening

  1. Mark Peterson says:

    Thank you for your witness and encouragement.


  2. ms says:

    Thank you!!


  3. Grayson says:

    Just a quick question for you here, are you saying that all of the members of the church who have recieved their saving ordinances and have faith in christ will not be saved? This post seems to leave that impression. For example, will the humble followers of the gospel who only have the witness of the spirit not be saved because they do not obtain the second comforter in this life? Or, is receiving the second comforter in this life a tender mercy for those who obtain it? I would love your views on this thanks!


  4. Grayson says:

    I guess to piggyback off of your stake presidency. The second comforter is unnecessary in the sense that those who do not obtain it in this life will still be worthy to receive all of the blessings of eternal life and the celestial kingdom. Would you say that is correct? Seeking after the second comforter and to see his face is definitely our goal but if we fail to not quite get there are we then damned? I would love your thoughts on this thanks!


  5. To be damned is to be shut out from God’s presence. Until one is quickened in the Spirit (Gift of the Holy Ghost) they are not partakers of Eternal Life. It is true that few will Have their Second Comforter experience in this life, but it should be the aspiration of every Saint. When the Lord said to endure to the end He was referring to continuing on until their Second Comforter experience. It is best to have this while living in the flesh than to wait until the spirit realm, but it comes as it will individually.

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  6. One can receive baptism and have hands laid upon them and yet never receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Unless they qualify themselves to spiritually receive the blessing they cannot be saved. You can be saved in Christ and not have your Second Comforter, yes, but I would suggest, as Joseph Smith did as well, that it is important to go on and have your calling and election made sure.

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