The Nephilim

A recent conversation regarding the Nephilim and races of men:

The Nephilim were the offspring of sons of perdition, those who were pure Adamic blood that mixed with the daughters of the seed of men. Their children were inhabited by evil spirits, and they were literally giants. The first of these were not the Seed of Cain. They were not black in color because Cain took a wife among the seed of Adam. The black race is not a cursed race. Only those who are the offspring of perdition. All of the seed of Cain were destroyed in the flood.

At a later time, among the seed of Adam, were exalted men who in a calculated move, took of the seed of men, wives, which brought forth the Nephilim.  These giants are spoken of in the Book of Enoch. They were hybrids of the races of men and multiplied exceedingly.

‪The City of Holiness (we call the city of Enoch) consisted of seed of Adam who recieved a fullness while in the flesh and were taken to heaven, all of them, except for Noah and his family who were to be a remnant to continue the seed of Adam upon the earth. When the floods came there was more than one ark used to preserve the races. Even a remnant of the Nephilim survived. When the waters settled there was balance again.

There is a lot of talk about Nephilim being the seed of aliens from space. None of the human race are from non-human alien DNA. We are all human, but of different sources planted upon this earth. All are under different covenants with God, but the seed of Adam is holy and under protective covenant. When the DNA was polluted God established a new covenant under Abraham. The House of Israel provides the bodies of those spirits under covenant and all other races (gentiles) are invited to be adopted into the covenant before his coming.

There is an alien presence, like the crazy kind we always hear about, but they are under strict laws according to God. They have regular interactions with the seed of men, and are in close contact with the sons of perdition. But they are forbidden to touch the House of Israel. There will be an escalation of this as we approach the final days.

Question: I’ve heard that it is a scheme of the Illuminati or these dark powers to pollute the DNA. One of their goals is to destroy the pure white race by encouraging cross-breeding. I wonder what kind of affect that has spiritually and why it is significant.

The Illuminati are run by Sons of Perdition. Their purpose among other things is to provide bodies for bad spirits, similar to how the Nephilim was created. The pure DNA does not exist anymore, so Nephilim are no longer here, but the game is the same. hardly any of us resemble the original seed of Adam. They were known for their red hair. ‪

Question: Do you think that our final resurrected bodies come to look like our spirits?

Our resurrected bodies are our eternal selves. We can change things as we will; hair color, etc. When I saw my wife as her true self I was speechless of her beauty. The standard of beauty is different for some. I’ve seen some that I thought, “Really?” Not ugly, just not what we might consider attractive. Their glory is beyond words, but hair style, chunkiness, etc. I have seen many different exalted beings of various races in the Third Heaven. They are glorious! Uniqueness is considered beauty there. But not uniqueness in terms of dress, more like our expressions of faith. The lives we lead. A unique life is prized above all.

Heaven is beyond our wildest imaginations. It is everlasting beauty and love, and mercy, and God is in every detail. Everything in that realm is designed to pull us up to something more wonderful. They watch the sacrifices we make and the faith we show and are eager to help us rise above this world. People have no idea how close heaven is to us. Our flesh is the veil that separates us from all of it. To learn to connect with that realm is the greatest achievement in this life and few are willing to even try.

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37 Responses to The Nephilim

  1. O.B. says:

    Okay, I actually have a question. How do current scientific theories fit in with the plan? Modern Astronomy says that the universe is around 16 billion years old and expanded from a single point. The Earth was organized around 4 billion years ago, and there are vast geologic records of different layers of rock that have been carbon-dated to explain their age.

    There are also skeletons and bones of many creatures that no longer exist including other human-like creatures that included neanderthals and ancestors of homosapiens. Hugh Nibley spoke of these cave dwellers as “pre-adamites” that existed before Adam came to the Earth and didn’t think it was a sin to accept the scientific understanding of evolution as the method whereby God created a world for humanity to dwell on.

    Is it possible that the Earth’s Temporal History of 7000 years is only the time when the “battle for souls” is taking place and it still has a history before that where it was organized over a period of time?

    What are your thoughts?


  2. Some things science has theorized is on track and others are not. The carbon dating method is not accurate after a certain age. I would say it is safer to go to the Lord and ask questions first, then to see how the scientific model compares, than to start with the scientific model and try and fit God’s ways into it.

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  3. The earth is far older than 7,000 years, but the question is when was the breath of life put into it, not when did the matter come together to form dry ground.

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  4. O.B. says:

    That second statement about the Earth being far older, but not having the breath of life is basically what I believe. The question that I’ve had floating in my mind for a number of years and have asked the Lord about is whether Adam condescended by having his spirit placed into the body of a being that already existed on the Earth (like the Savior did) or if Adam condescended directly from his glorified body to an Earthly body.

    Either way there were probably cave men that were Adam’s contemporaries or died off shortly before Adam. I’ll have to think and pray on that one.


  5. Adam and Eve condescended in a similar way as Jesus, with perfect DNA. I will leave it at that.

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  6. JB says:

    An inconsequential question as it pertains to our salvation– that said, from the glorious views of the vast cosmos that you have been granted what does God’s “foot stool” / earth look like? Is it flat or round? Interesting debates abound on the interweb!


  7. Every planet is a sencient being. They are not flat, but the galaxies and dimensions do stack on each other like pancakes.

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  8. O.B. says:

    I like that. It sounds very similar to M-Theory which is one of the current models that tries to explain the apparent discrepancies between the gravity and quantum mechanics. It tries to combine all the current models of string theory. I don’t fully understand it, but is is basically that all universes are on 11-dimensional things called “membranes” which can be stacked on each other. The membranes are not static, but can move and interact with each other. Some scientists suggest that gravity can “leak” into these other dimensions and that helps explain why gravity is so weak in comparison to all of the other fundamental forces.

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  9. C says:

    Are the dimensions we have for this ark accurate or were they somehow lost or changed in translation. Were other arks different sizes with different responsibilities?

    Also, anything special about gopher wood for this task?


  10. I don’t know about gopher wood, but I saw large swaths of timber cut from the forrest. The arks were all different and carried different animals. One other vessel carried many reptiles which were not on Noah’s ark. I saw that the ark prepared by the seed of Cain was destroyed. All flesh was destroyed except that which the Lord allowed to endure.

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  11. David says:

    May I ask a conversation with whom? (No biggie if you can’t say)


  12. C burn says:

    The Book of Enoch describes the Watchers as a type of literal fallen angel from the spiritual realm who mated with women. Are you indicting that instead it was fallen sons of Adam who mated with pre-adamite women or with women descended from Cain to produce the Giants?


  13. The sons of Adam were the fallen angels, as I referred to in my post. These are the referred to in the Book of Enoch as the Watchers. They condescended, took bodies, and then purposefully became sons of perdition like Cain.


  14. Anonymous says:

    How do they “take a body”? Whose body was it?

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  15. When I say ,”take a body,” I am referring to being born.


  16. Christopher Mandwe says:

    Is the Adamic race superior to the race referred to in this blog as the seed of men? It would appear that this other race was evil because the mixture of this race with the Adamic race resulted in the creation of physical bodies that were inhabited by evil spirits. Is this right? Do we know where this other race came from and their purpose on earth?

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  17. The Adamic race were different than the seed of men spiritually by covenant and physically by DNA. Their covenant is superior in that it leads to exaltation. The rest of humanity abides the telestial law. The everlasting covenant is offered to all races by adoption. Today, because Adamic blood no longer exists in purity we have the House of Israel, which designates those born under the covenant. All others are invited as gentiles. The races of men all came to earth from other places as God directed for the purpose of populating the earth.

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  18. Christopher Mandwe says:

    Are the superior Adamic covenant, and the everlasting covenant that is offered to all other races by adoption, one and the same covenant, or are they two seperate covenants? The other races that came to earth from other places as God directed, are they spirit sons and daughters of God, and do we know why they are different from the Adamites, or the the Israelites?

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  19. Yes, they are the same covenant. The races of men are children of God that carry over from other worlds telestial. These are gentiles that are offered the same covenant by adoption. It is first offered in the spirit world and those who desire it are placed under the stewardship of His angels during life to have growing opportunities to obtain eternal life.The Father is eternally loving and merciful.

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  20. Grandma G says:

    oh wow! I am learning so much from all of you. I’m a truth seeker and I am so happy to have found this web site. Thank you for allowing me to learn.. I too am seeking my Second Comfortor experience.


  21. Grandma G says:

    Pure revelation, so if” the races of men are children of God that carries over from other worlds telestial ” does that imply that those who end up in a telestial kingdom, still have another chance to reach exaltation? Or what did you mean by carries over?


  22. Grandma G says:

    What does the seed of men mean compared to the seed of Adam?


  23. Seed of Adam are new spirits of the father coming to the earth under the everlasting covenant. Seed of men are without covenant, old spirits of telestial order who remain gentiles unless adopted.

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  24. Yes, they are not the spirits of the damned. They can come unto Christ if they choose, but the majority will stay where they are.


  25. Okeng Emmy says:

    Wow This is just amazing to know! I believe that The Lord can teach and show show us everything that we need to know . We just have to seek Him.
    Question. Has The Lord revealed to you why He has created different races? Am asking this question because it has been in mind for along time. Please can you expound it to me.


  26. The races are different to distinguish from what parts of creation they came. Some are more ancient than others. These are all children of God, but have chosen to remain telestial, until the time that they choose to accept the everlasting covenant, or be damned. Many have remained as they are for eons of time.

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  27. How does one do the following: “To learn to connect with that realm is the greatest achievement in this life and few are willing to even try.”
    Thank you for your time and patience

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  28. Read the new book, How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes. It is a free PDF on the homepage.

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  29. Can you explain what Joseph Smith is trying to teach here: “The Holy Ghost has no other effect than pure intelligence. It is more powerful in expanding the mind, enlightening the understanding, and storing the intellect with present knowledge, of a man who is of the literal seed of Abraham, than one that is a Gentile, though it may not have half as much visible effect upon the body; for as the Holy Ghost falls upon one of the literal seed of Abraham, it is calm and serene; and his whole soul and body are only exercised by the pure spirit of intelligence; while the effect of the Holy Ghost upon a Gentile, is to purge out the old blood, and make him actually of the seed of Abraham. That man that has none of the blood of Abraham (naturally) must have a new creation by the Holy Ghost. In such a case, there may be more of a powerful effect upon the body, and visible to the eye, than upon an Israelite, while the Israelite at first might be far before the Gentile in pure intelligence.”

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  30. When Joseph said the Holy Ghost is pure intelligence, he is saying it is pure light and spirit. To receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost is to have an actual change in our spirit which is reflected to even our DNA (in the blood). The DNA has two strands, but there is an unknown part, a strand of light, a part that represents our spirit that actually changes as our spirits are exalted. This is the affect upon a Gentile that is changed and more noticeable than one who has already made the covenant before birth.

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  31. kevin says:

    “John” (a name I’d like to call you by since I don’t know your name), you said, “The races of men all came to earth from other places as God directed for the purpose of populating the earth.”

    * Sort of sounds like you’re saying that not ALL spirits born into bodies that were created by Adam & Eve’s physical descendants? (that other “Adams and Eves” were brought to the earth to create different races)

    * Or are you saying that spirits born on the earth (through Adam & Eve) came from different races? (which seems to imply that the spirits born into this world came from various Heavenly Mothers)

    * Or, is it just that the spirits that were born/created from Heavenly Father and Mother in such a way that they represent various races?

    Hope that makes sense. If not, let me know and I’ll rephrase.

    Thank you very much! And, thank you for the free PDFs. I’m close to completing all of them. It has encouraged me to put even more time and effort in understanding personal revelation – I’m way behind.


  32. The answers to these questions are explained to the degree I am allowed to share in the first part of my book A Witness of the Temporal Dispensations. All races are at one point sons and daughters of an Adam and Eve. Those who have not partaken of the covenant, that are very old souls, are given the opportunity to come to this earth. These are the seed of men. They are indeed children of God, but not the new seed of Adam of this world.The House of Israel was set apart by God when the seed of Adam no longer existed.

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  33. Myrsmakeup says:

    I think this is a better thread regarding my DNA questions. So from what I am learning, our ABO Blood group types and our RH – or RH+ factor could play a huge told in defining our purpose as well as possibly giving a brand new shedding of light on the RH factor. I am AB- and literally 1 % in the entire world population and can only recite transfusions from another RH- person HOWEVER I can give away my plasma to anyone! It’s almost as if that enmity placed between the of the “woman” and seed of the serpent was purposefully done by divine intervention. My husband is O+ therefore I had to have the Rhogam shots with my 3 pregnancies but not with my first.I have even heard that the blood types are connected to the pure third strand in the triple helix. Just trying to understand all this now. Thank you!!


  34. Karla says:

    One thing that comes to mind is the allegory of the vineyard, in the Book of Mormon it refers to the seed of Abraham and the gentiles, and the taking from the tribes to other places like with Lehi and his family, but to me it also seems similar to grafting children from other worlds into this one. So my question is, how Adam and Eve got here? You said that it was similar of how Jesus came here?
    Also, these that were from the seed of Adam you said took of the daughters of man to have children, and they gave birth to these giants, so was it because they were sons of Perdition the reason why their children came as giants and evil? Because there were other sons of Adam that were not sons of perdition that mixed with the seed of man and did not give birth to giant, right? I was just wondering if being “sons of perdition “ was what made the difference. It also sounds like they wanted to take the daughters of men and produce these kind of hybrids, but why?


  35. When the seed of Adam mixed with the seed of men you had the Nephilim. You can read more about this in the opening chapters of A Witness of the Temporal Dispensations.

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  36. Darren Cluff says:

    I have had trouble reconciling what am I as a person, a person of the tribe of Israel or a adopted gentile. I was born in the covenant and have followed the covenant path through being sealed in the temple. However my genealogy is from England and Denmark the gentile nations of the earth. My patriarchal blessing states I am Ephraim. Am I Tribe of Israel or adopted gentile? Is the Tribe of Israel more about premortal covenants rather than genealogy or is genealogy an indication of premortal state/covenants? [You have received the covenant if you are repenting and seeking Christ. It doesn’t matter whether it is pre-birth or adoption in that case. Genealogy isn’t always an indication of premortal status, especially whether one is 4th estate. PR]

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