Keep the Door Closed

I had a dream last night where I was in a grand hotel. The front door to my private room was wide open and many people were walking down a wide hall – like the corridor of a shopping mall.

I was too busy to shut the door as I sat in my chair. Suddenly two men walked into the room laughing. They had not been invited and I asked them to leave sternly. They left without looking at me and within a few seconds the room began to fill with people, all laughing and ignoring my shouts to leave the room. I called the hotel manager and awoke feeling agitated and worried.

I shared the dream with my wife and she gave me the interpretation. I asked the Lord and as usual she was right!

When it comes to dealing with dark spirits I tend to not pay attention until they fill the house. My wife is more sensitive to it than me. Calling the hotel manager is like praying to the Lord for help after things have got out of control. I need to seek instruction at the beginning, and better yet – keep the door closed! (Not easy when you have teen agers.)

If you ever have a vivid dream that you are awakened to, think it over. Ask the Lord to help you know its meaning. Often they are symbolic of something the Lord wishes to teach you. Often, it is a warning.

UPDATE 04-13-2018: I had an experience with the Lord this morning and asked Him more regarding this dream. Here is what I was shown:

“He said that I need to keep the door shut to Satan at all times, wherever I go. This is a broader definition of the dream. I sometimes become focused on what I am doing and fail to take measures to keep him out. I don’t have any anger issues like in the dream, but I was frustrated. I became frustrated with the situation created by the Adversary because I waited too long before I took action. How do I keep the door shut? He said to be vigilant when I see an open door to shut it quickly. Each of us have these temptations in our lives that sometimes open the door to the Adversary. We cannot wait till things get out of control to act. The dream is truly like an onion for me (like most dreams are).”

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6 Responses to Keep the Door Closed

  1. Mike Stroud says:

    Wise advice. Thank you for sharing this experience.

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  2. Rachel Crandall says:

    Thanks so much for all your inspiration and diligence in teaching us, thanks, Rachel


  3. Vince says:

    Thanks for the advice although my question isn’t related to it. I was thinking about moving from grace to grace (my understanding of gaining grace during each mortal experience). Let’s say Christ because we know He has done this. Did his wife move along with Him from grace to grace or perhaps one wife in one mortal probation did but others in other probations didn’t? Does that make sense? I think what a sad thought (probably sad because I understand so very little) it is to think we’ve had loved ones from other mortal experiences. Are they around us today? Sometimes I like to think we are all brothers and sisters and are all here to uplift and guide each other home.

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  4. There is a holy family that has rolled through the various stages of “grace” with the Lord. We have such people with us too. Familial lines are constant unless they deny the Holy Ghost or choose to remain telestial. You might say we are sealed to each other by choice. To be sealed in Eternal Life comes as we ascend to higher estates.

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  5. Karla Mennig says:

    Thanks for sharing this experience and your advice. I have failed to do that, to ask God about the meaning of certain dramas I’ve had the past couple of nights. As I type this right now I lay here awake, because again I had another dream in which I was being followed or chased, by a man or men. I can’t remember all the details, but as I wake up frustrated and scared I’ve prayed for protection, I feel so vulnerable and in a hurry to pray, but didn’t think to pray to know the meaning. Sometimes I don’t want to know the meaning, I’m afraid at the moment it happened to know more about it.


  6. pjmoblog says:

    I’ve heard the gift of dreams runs stronger in some bloodlines. Friends who served LDS callings in Africa tell me that wonderful dreams are common among African converts.
    I also observed that among native Bolivians, including an elaborate culture of interpretation of symbolic meanings.
    Dreams with powerful meanings is strong in my family including interpretation keys. It is particularly strong on my mother side who descends from Sephardic lines but also has other Hebrew roots through Celt, Britton, Goth and Frank ancestors.
    I, and also one of my daughters, seem to have gotten the prized ticket.
    Most of our dreams are good but some were bad and with bad spirits.
    Recently I have received incredible messages and instructions from my ancestors regarding genealogy work and ancestral family.

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