Four Steps to Powerful Prayer

We all understand the basic tenets of prayer, but what does it take to have a “powerful prayer,” the kind that shakes the Heavens and unlocks the keys to the “mysteries of godliness?”

Step One: Am I Clean?

This is a method that was taught to me. The words are not as important as the meaning behind them. Don’t worry if parts of your prayer begin to sound repetitive. Focus on your feelings and even more on the responses you receive from the Spirit. I start by asking for forgiveness: “Father, please forgive me for anything I may have done knowingly or unknowingly, which is contrary to thy will, thy laws or commandments.” I then listen and ponder to the thoughts that come to my mind. Sometimes I get a quick, “You’re good,” and move to the next step. Sometimes I realize I need to do a little repenting. (We must be clean to unlock the door.)

Step Two: Express My Love

I think of this step as reaching out to the Father by expressing my love and gratitude and praise for Him. “Lord, I love thee because . . .” I often see myself kneeling at the Throne of God and slowly moving toward Him. I wait until my heart is full of gratitude and I sense His love surround me. I spend as much time as it takes before I move to step three. (We’ve unlocked the door and approached Him.)

Step Three: Help Me

At this stage I humbly ask: “Lord, if it be thy will, will thou share thy love and light with me?” I then begin to ask His will regarding questions I need answers, or blessings, or council from Him. I actually see His light descend upon me; it’s a blue light and warms my soul. I would suggest reading the link on “Pure Revelation.” I’m careful to ask His will and not impose my stubborn desires into the conversation. (We have unlocked the door, approached Him and felt His arms around us.)

Step Four: Help Others

This may be the most important stage. As we seek to bless others we can literally extend that light toward those who need His blessings. This pleases God and helps us thin the veil even more. We should seek this with each prayer. “Father, if it be thy will, will thou share thy love and light with …” This stage usually requires the most effort as we seek out those in need and exercise creative faith in their behalf. (We have unlocked the door, approached Him, felt His arms around us, and shared with others.)

Outward Appearances

Most of us have been taught to pray by bowing our heads, closing our eyes, clasping our hands and speaking with “thee” and “thou.” I suppose much of this outward appearance comes from the Protestant traditions of the past. My wife and I teach our children, when we pray, to kneel when possible, look up to God and have your palms open. At times it is appropriate to raise your arms as you express your love to Him. It is good to kneel whenever possible, but I often sit on the ground when I pray so that I can pray longer without my feet falling asleep. You can obviously pray anywhere: in the car, the shower, driving to work, at a party, everywhere. Why does it even matter what our body is doing when we pray? Only to the extent that it reflects our hearts. I like to use thees and thous when I pray because it feels more holy, and those words reflect my heart. For some it may be different. You can speak vocally or in your mind. Vocal prayers evoke the heart more and help to reach out. Sometimes I veil my prayers so the Adversary doesn’t’ know what I’m up to. Everything we do is a sign to God of our intentions. (The “True Order of Prayer” in itself was not how the Brother of Jared, Moses, and Abraham rent the veil. Those are a part of temple worship and for teaching purposes.)

Take Time To Be HOLY

I would suggest taking time, at least once a day, to completely dedicate yourself to communicating with the Lord. I often do it in the middle of the night when everything is quiet in the house. Sometimes morning is good. It’s up to you, but it will make a huge difference in your prayers. In fact, as a seeker of greater Gifts, you MUST take time to be holy. Holiness comes as we immerse ourselves in the Spirit and open ourselves to the Lord to receive communications from Him.

A Note About Fasting

Someone could write an entire book on the subject, but it is important to make a note on the topic when discussing “praying with power.” Fasting can be any kind of sacrifice, which involves the body. You can fast from food, water, sleep, dairy products, internet, anything that your body craves and focus on things of the Spirit. These sacrifices clear the channels and revelation pours down more freely. You can also fast for whatever length of time you need to focus on the “prayer.” I like to choose the late evening because I’m always fasting, as I’m not thinking about the things of the flesh, but focused only on God.

In Summary

This method has worked miracles in my own life and my family. Once the initial prayer is given, continue praying throughout the day as step 2, 3, and 4 are offered in the heart and mind. The “principle of revelation” begins to rest upon your soul as the “dews of Heaven,” and your prayers will become electrifying. I would love to hear all of your thoughts as well. Love you all.

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6 Responses to Four Steps to Powerful Prayer

  1. Karen asked me:
    I have read your book and have been reading various posts from your blog. In your blog on prayer, (and blessings) you speak of the blue light you see. I, too, see light when I pray or participate in blessings where I am clearly very in tune and the spirit is strong or I now heaven was clearly responding by giving me a visual experience of light to confirm that He is close and hearing me. The only difference is the light I see is purple or violet in color. I have experienced this light regularly during very sincere and meaningful prayer for about 3 years and have been searching to understand it. You are the first person to mention a similar experience; but the color is different. I was wondering if blue is just what you see and the violet could be the same thing/meaning it is for you; or if you are aware of a different meaning for why I would see purple or violet. I would appreciate any insight or knowledge you may have.

    My answer:
    Usually I see an indigo blue light resting upon me as I’m praying. Its like a purple bluish color. I actually took the color of the light portion out of my book because it becomes confusing to some people, but it was left on the site for this post.


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  3. Anonymous says:

    Which of your books was that? I would like to get it. Thanks


  4. Same one on the homepage.


  5. jenheadjen says:

    Where is the color of light discussed, which you referenced in your comment above?


  6. That’s a good catch. I haven’t written about that anywhere else.


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