Second Comforter Prayer

Last night I went to the Lord in solemn prayer asking Him what more I must do to finally come to Him and receive my Second Comforter. I wanted to know my standing with God and to do His will, to be His servant. The answer I received as I heard His voice was a blessing to me. He said, “You will receive this Gift at the moment before your mission begins. Until then, you will continue to fulfill the other tasks you have been given. All things will come at their appointed times.”

It wasn’t that I wasn’t worthy yet, it was that the experience of receiving my Second Comforter would come with an assignment that would take a course that required perfect timing for what the Lord has planned. Timing is EVERYTHING with the Lord. Our Second Comforter is not an achievement that God simply bestows upon us when we reach a summit of righteousness, but occurs, if we are worthy, at the proper time appointed so that we can perform the mission for which we were called in the Grand Council.

I was reminded of the Savior Himself, who patiently waited until the Father said it was time to begin His ministry. He went to his cousin John, was baptized and received the Holy Ghost, then went into the wilderness to receive detailed instructions. It was here that the Father comforted Him and sent Yeshua on His mission that would last 3.5 years. I have many friends at this time seeking their Second Comforter. Yes, you should continue to seek, but know that it will come precisely when the Lord needs you to receive it. For now, until the time comes, it is our job is to study by faith, purify our hearts, and stand in Holy places.

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5 Responses to Second Comforter Prayer

  1. I just noticed after rereading my post here that it was precisely one year and two weeks after writing this that I had my Second Comforter Experience. God is so merciful!

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  2. Jared says:

    …For now, until the time comes, it is our job is to study by faith, purify our hearts, and stand in Holy places…”

    I love these expressions. I yearn to fully submit. Going to write these expressions on my heart and pray for Christ’s grace to be better / most believing!


  3. mmmmm1234 says:

    “Our Second Comforter is not an achievement that God simply bestows upon us when we reach a summit of righteousness” … Does this apply to other experiences as well (Baptism of Fire, Calling and Election, etc.), or do those hinge more on us coming fully to the Lord rather than specific timing?


  4. The moment of full submission to the Lord (broken heart and contrite spirit) as we cry out to God the baptism of fire is received and if the Holy Spirit of Promise is given, the Holy Ghost decends and we are born again. It is not the same with SC, as that is a critical moment when God starts you on a path that you have been prepared before the foundation of the world.

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  5. Joseph Rogers says:

    This is exactly what I was searching for, what I needed to hear today. Timing IS everything with the Lord! We must be patient until His timing is right. Thank you. This blog has profoundly impacted my life.

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